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[share] mod patches for IL/CT2.2/CT2.3

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Ok here is some mod patches for Gracia / Gracia final and interlude  so lets start!


Infite Zoom Patch for Gracia Final

A zooming feature in MMOs is as important as virtual

chips for online poker players. Casual gamers may not understand the exact reason why, but for us Lineage 2 players it's pretty simple - in a


game where precision and strategy are a necessity, a close-up look at various angles is always welcome.

This is probably the most usefull little patch out there. It allows you to be able to zoom out as much as you want. It`s extremly practical at


sieges, or even when you get lost while doing some quest or searching something on the map and the default visual range is just to small to


really allow you to see the big picture.




Download | 3kb




L2FileEdit for Gracia and Gracia Final

Probably one of the most usefull tools, the L2FileEdit allows you to modify client sided files such as system messages, glow effects and


much more.

This application allows you to open almost any file in your Lineage2/system folder and edit it.




Download | 1123kb



Nude Patch For Gracia Final

This is a funny little patch that allows you to see naked characters using Linage 2 Gracia Final and above Client.


Unpack the .zip File inside your Main Lineage 2 Folder, replacing the files,


Download | 2914kb



Auto CP / HP | for  Hellbound / Gracia Patch (and Interlude, C4)


This is the best Auto Cp / Hp application for Lineage 2. Works for Hellbound, Gracia and even previous chronicles like Interlude and C4.



1. First right click on the taskbar icon and press DEFINE WINDOW

2. Right Click on the taskbare icon and choose OPTIONS

3. AT the Options Menu, at CP window CHOOSE THE slot where you have the CP POTIONS on your skill bar. Do the Same with the HP


POTIONS and the HP window.

4. ALways start application first, then the game.


The program has the following functions:

Graphic display of characters to a radar with the instruction of height

Display of characters by the list(class, sub, nobless/hero) and a clan

Switching of a mode "radar" / "list"

Sorting by class/range/animosities

The hotkey "the first target" - chooses the first target from the list of a radar


Sound preventions

A choice from the list of the character of a radar

Lists of characters(KOS)/clans for definition of enemies

Display of characters which hold you on "target"


Download | 1059kb



Lineage 2 DROP and Spoil PATCH for Interlude


This is a very usefull patch, since it shows the drops of the mobs IN GAME. All you have to do is push the arrow on the stats window of the


MOB, and you`ll see 2 NEW ICONS: DROP and SPOIL ICons. Mouse over them, and a list of drops for each displays the items.It works on


Treasure Chests too! - Compatible with Interlude and Above.




Download | 1432kb



Credits: Rockk


me for sharing :P



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  Thank you for the shares. Could you explain how i could install the "Drops and Spoils" patch, without having to use your Data files? What lines from each are important?



Thank you





"See you on the other side..."

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Credits: Rockk


me for sharing :P




i lold at this...


the credits are not right XD




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so lock it sofaki :/


i cant... look the date...

same day same month same year...

so i cant lock this topic cause its older than nefertity's... i can only say to fix the credits

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