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[guide] Validate your windows xp.


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if your OS is detect as not genuin and you just off your automatic update and disable the notification message, you can change it and validate it again and make your copy genuin.


Setp 1

find serial in www.serials.ws, or any other crack website.

make sure you copy a enterprice copy of serial, so that unlimited copy of product you can use


Setp 2

press window+r to run Registry editor, type regedit

in the registry editor window, pres ctrl+f or F3, type key word OObetimer

if the result displays, right click and modify

replace the first 2 degits of the HEX code FF to zero zero 00, to remove the current validation.


close registry editor

restart PC


Setp 3

press window+r and type the fallowing syntax

%systemroot\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a to validate new copy.

the activate window appear, chose activate via phone

clicke change product key

enter the Product Serial Number that you have copy in www.serials.ws

click next. if the key is accepted. restart you pc.

your product copy is now enterprise copy. and free to download microsoft update :)


Setp 4

turn off your automatic update, and let your pc updates


the end.

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