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interlude [Interlude L2J] L][Diavola


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Pc Server Information:


Processor: Core 2 duo E8500.


Ramm: 8GB DDR2 1066 Mgz.


Motherboard: ASUS Maximus 2 Formula.


HDD: 120 GB Raptor 10000 RPM.


Internet Connection:


Internet: 8 MGB Connection speed Fiber Optic.


Server is Running on System operation: Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 bit


On this Pc is running only Lineage 2 Server.



L][Diavola.MiddleRate. 35x



Rates 35X / XP and SP, 35x Adena, 35x Drops, Spoil 35x



Maxim buffs amount 25

Buffes are 1 hour time.


Book needed to enchant skills

Auto learn skills

Weight Limit enable

Community board is off

Char can be deleted after 0 day

Unstuck interval 20 sec

Spawn protection 50 sec

Champions - ON


Safe: 5

Max weapon: 20

Max armor: 20

Max jewelry: 20

Normal scroll: 70%

Crystal scroll: 80%

Blessed scroll: 100%


We have a video two u can see it.

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theat are not custom Weapons i don't know what u see there :))))




Only Gms have the Extreme Duals theats all :))

You Have Costum Glow ?
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what custom glow man? :) i made the Env.int like theat when u enchant the weapon and u put augment on it :) will glow like a fire PFF but it's not Custom server lol :|

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and what is your problem? theat is allready posted? go make caca GIRL :)

which is our problem?a server can't be posted more than 1 time,u have to post there or to close one..so instead of "go caca girl",topic will be just closed i hope;)




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I hate hear :)) SORRY :D close the old one pls not this :) close theat from Brzoza PLSS


ye more respect noob :O

Also ur nick pff u (probably) like to take deep in ass ^^

Anyway not my problem -.-"

So someone must close it ...



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haha U have show how stupid u are girl with this post sow i have allways reason :))))




First of all i never ask for u to post my server Idiot Girl i told u to stop u made it without my permision so go to hell stupid.

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