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  1. thx alot mate i will wait. i will try to use this program. Because right now i use Xampp. Thx So much it's finally working with this program u told me thx.
  2. not working i have try'd with the codes from the link u share still not working
  3. no i got my website from other source.. was made by a friend. along time ago.
  4. i tink error comes from functions.php <? function notloggedin() { resetcookies(); echo '<script language="JavaScript"> alert("You are not logged in."); </script>'; quickrefresh('index.php'); } function quickrefresh($page) { echo "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0; URL={$page}'>"; exit(); } function resetcookies() { setcookie("login", "", time()-60000); setcookie("pass", "0", time()-60000); } function securitycheck($securitycheck) { if ($securitycheck!=1) { quickrefresh('index.php?id=not_logged'); exit(); } } ?>
  5. nobody can help me? PLS guys. i really need to fix this.
  6. Hello everyone. i wanna ask u guys someting. i am a little newbie on this things :D so i just installed Xampp latest version and i want to use and old lineage2 website i did everything as last time when website worked.. but now i get this stupid error all the time. Pls if someone can help me i will appriciate alot. I am sorry if posted on the wrong section. I Beg a moderator to move my post pls on the correct one thx so much.
  7. Best Mix 2013 http://www.mixcloud.com/BratieAugustin/augustin-bratie-ancient-aliens/
  8. no sql side i tink i will change wamp :| and i will return to xampp. thx anyway guys. appreciate
  9. i got them in www directory :| and trust me i verify everything again and again i don't know what is rong :| i have php support.
  10. hello everyone i don't know if i am in the right section, if so i will beg someone to move my post in right section. Guys pls help me i have a problem with my wamp server i don't know what is rong. but till now now i have used xampp for my website and i changed yesterday on wamp and now everytime i try to enter on my site i get this error can someone help me pls. And with xampp my site was working perfectly. Not Found The requested URL /{$page} was not found on this server.
  11. cool thx alot :D for help i will try now Done thx again :P