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[Wtb]Char On L2Elixir[x6]

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I Want To Buy/Trade Character In L2 Elixir Without items .Only I need the char to be 76 and +.

Wairning : I dont need Buffers Like prophet and more..I need a Char with the class Saggitarious or / Spell Singer or /Ghost Hunter or /Ghost Sentiel Or /SoulTaker With the level 76 +..(And more.)Add me in msn HyPeR_MoN_13@WindowsLive.com Or Post Your Offer Here!



Psaxnw gia na agorasw i na antalaksw char ston L2 Elixir xoris items.Xriazome mono o char na ine apo 76 level kai panw..

Proidipiisi : Den thelw Buffers opos prophet songers kai allous.Xriazome enan char gia na mporw na peksw pvp Paradigma Saggitarious / Spell Singer / Ghost Hunter / Tank / Ghost Sentiel / Tyrant kai alla..




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