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Very good bot for aion!

Link: http://multi-up.com/185494  UPDATE 13 December 2009


New Features:

-I have added a Return key. This is used if you use the countdown timer so that when the time is up, it will release and quit.

-Если агрится моб - бот не ждёт пока тот ударит, а первый атакует


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed issue with Aion closing for no reason at all randomly (Hopefully, i'm attributing this to how fast I was reading aion's memory)

-Fixed errors while in settings form because of the logging feature with the log already closed or some such bullshit

-Fixed issue if someone comes to buff/heal you while you are running around that you would stop and keep the person targeted till they went away (This is first step for DUO BOTTING! Was fun duoing last night...)

-Fixed Aion Focusing issue (It now checks to see if aion has lost focus first before trying to get focus, before every 5 sec it would setfocus wither you liked it or not causing some issues/lag)

-Hopefully fixed issue on fighting mobs that target themselves. You should go into preattacks on them now. (TEST IT)

-Fixed pot issue of changing settings or stopping/starting bot and the pots never fire anymore

-Fixed issues with TAB and ESC being used while other keys being pressed (like Alt or Ctrl). SO no longer tabbing out of the program or Start menu/closing aion from this).

-Fixed issue with pots that when you ran out of pots it would go in an infinite loop until you died, it will try 5 times to use a pot now

-Fixed issue with waypoint editor's Goto Selected function. It should just go there now and stop

-Should fix issue where you run a few feet after killing a mob then turning, should turn now before starting target sequence

-Fixed issue with the new ADD detection and targetting. You could go in an infinate loop if you died while trying to target stuff. It will now try to target things 5 times before stopping

-Added more logging

-Misc stuff (I honestly forgot some stuff)


Official Site: http://angelbot.forumbuild.com/






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Can you help me? I don't know how to setup attacks :/

m8 didn't use this one..just shared...you are on your own here.. :P
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Since it is already shared someone must lock it ( i mean this one , here )

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IA has nothing to do with the memory offsets, it has all to do with them detecting debug mode/ readprocesses. Once you get around that basic defense from their launcher you can use any hack/program that is on retail.


Btw feel free to ask questions about Angelbot1/2 :)

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