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Class in Hellbound


Wich class is best for Hellbound?  

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  1. 1. Wich class is best for Hellbound?

    • Storm Screamer
    • Dominator
    • Saggitarius
    • Gladiator
    • Arcane Lord
    • Mystic Muse
    • Soultaker

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A server that im playing will restart the database and change the throne to From IL to -> HB.


So I want your opinion, I want a player easy to level up, that have chances to win pvp and to get some wins on olympiads.. Im new on Hellbound so i dont know so much.


JUST VOTE and tell me why if u want ^^


What class is overpowered in Hellbound? ^^



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Storm Screamer, with the skill aura flash, you will level up like flash, and if you know how to use it, you can make lots of pvps.

A further explanation:

The way that ppl use to gain PvPs with Aura Flash is going next to every victim (even dagger classes) using this skill.

In this way they cancel their target and if the reuse is big, the victim is lost.


That's happening cuz admins dont know how to fix the delay of normal skills ¬¬

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HB? I'd go for mystic muse. Why? It rocks. Sure maybe it's a little harder to lvl because of the whole mp regeneration thing, but that's only if u're playing w/o an organized clan. It's +? Sps has best cast speed and m crit rate of all mages, has quite a few aoe nukes, so it's a great char to aoe in places like it/fog. Best oly mage cause of good slow/poisons/cancel combos. Also best mage for open pvp since he can easily kill other nukers thx to his cast speed and has the best chance of all nukers to go against mele dd( vortex effects and once again good slow). But that's if we're talking about a low/mid rate. If it's a high w/ mana pots go dominator, he's imba w/ mana pots.

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a th is good for oly coz in hb arena will be smaller so less chance to escape for ur opponent,very strong in pvp as u know dagger become stronger in hb with new skills and attribute that could improve ur damage of 70%, it's hard to exp but if u have a good team or a friend that would make a pp u will exp easy with lethal u can kill very fast mob with 4x hp

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