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[GrisoM & Friends 2009]


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GrisoM & Frands 2009 :D





Other people i want to thank and wish a good holyday/s (sorry i didnt add on the pic but i had no space xD) are:


K4rMa, if it wasnt for you, i would still be banned lol.

Skaros, giant freak, you know i love you :p you are the only member that wins me on being a weirdo

WebM0nst3r, dunno where the fak are you, but i hope you are fine.

NotAbastard, dunno where you are either, but i loved to chat about music with you.

ĐαяқSLaYєЯ, another annoying donor that became my friend.

Morian, where ever you are, i hope you are fine.

HαRǾC«, or revenger, i like your hair mate :D <3

MasterDisaster, dummy guy, but i still like you =D

Ventic, one of the most annoying kids that became something like a friend ;P


If you are not in the pic or the list, is because i dont care about you, or i forgot :p


Any way, i want to wish a good 2009 end to all mxc users (haha i'll start my vacations so soon, and all of you will be in school =D)


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