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Add: Improved definition PHX;

Add: Improved definition of radars;

Add: A new system of protection from the left entrance, bypassing the protection;

Add: Security + also uses port 4963 loginservera;

Add: After you install the security patch with the old one will not be able to go;

Deleted: services.exe;

Deleted: Proxy-system;

Deleted: l2proxy;

Fix: Error on other clients WM_DESTROY;

Fix: Yes, a lot of things have been done in detail, everything and not sign off.





1. Set the distribution of protection on a local disk;

2. We go to the folder Anti-Cheat Guard 1.6 and run the Configuration Utility;

3. In the IP of your server enter IP / domain name server and click Apply;

4. Then choose what to do with players using cheat;

5. Loginservera enter the port should be 4963, click Apply;

6. In the dialog box, answer that we have introduced in the IP of your server;

7. Copy the entire folder Server Side in a directory on your server;

8. Add the 3 files from a folder in the Client Side patch for players (acg.exe - hidden, do not be afraid no virus);

9. Making l2.exe - hidden (not required);

10. Server starts a component (c new LS port = 4963);

11. Run Server Side.exe folder Server Side directory of your server;

12. We are waiting for the players start the game with loader.exe


P.S Sory For My Bad English [Thank's]


Download :





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Sorry if i brake any forum rules with this post but i have a problem...


I have done what it says in the guide step by step...

The gameserver is opened with no errors, but when i open loader.exe from client side it crashes or it says DNS error...I have solved the DNS problem but the game still doesn't load...

Any ideas..??

(I tried even installing a lower version of the program.. v1.3 - v1.5 and still with this same error.. )


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