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Maxcheaters.com Staff + Info Inside.

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In this topic i will explain all information you need about our staff, and what these Membergroups stand for.

1) First i want to show you our current MaxCheaters Staff:




Global Moderators:




Gaming Moderators:


• `Sanctus



LOL Moderators:

L2J Developers:
• Rootware

• Tryskell


L2OFF Developers:

L2Client Developers:






GFX Moderators:
• Strain

• Dection

Gold Members








2) Then ill show you what these Membergroups mean, their permissions and how to become one of them.


-Membergroup Info:
• Administrator is me and only me, noone else. You can call me also owner of this WebSite and of the Domain Name MaxCheaters.com.
• Everything in this Forum.
-How to become:
• Noone can be or noone will be.

--Global Moderator:

-Membergroup Info:
• They can moderate any board in this forum. Remove/Move/Modify/Lock/Sticky/Ban everywhere.They are the most respectful staff in this forum, and they MUST be active at least once a day.

• Move/Lock/Unlock/Remove/Modify/Sticky/UnSticky any Topic everywhere.
• Ban/UnBan/Suspend permission.
• Hide/UnHide any topic everywhere.
• View/Give reputation everyone.
• Give awards to everyone.
• Edit/Delete any profile.
• Allow delete ANY trade feedback by ANY user.

--Gaming Moderator:

-Membergroup Info:
• Gaming-Moderators can moderate only the Gaming Zone(L2 & MMO GAMES Category). They DON NOT have ban/unban permissions.
They have access in Staff/Staff L2/MMO Games/VIP/Junkyard Sections. They MUST be active atleast once a day/2 days.

• Move/Lock/Unlock/Remove/Modify/Sticky/UnSticky any Topic in L2 & MMO Zone ONLY.
• Lock/Unlock Topics everywhere.
• Hide/UnHide any topic in L2/MMO Area ONLY.
• Remove Topics in L2/MMO Area ONLY.

--GFX Moderator:

-Membergroup Info:
• GFX Moderators can moderate only specific boards in this forum.(All Graphics/GFX Zone Boards).They DONT have ban/unban permissions.
They have access in Staff/VIP/JankYard Sections. They MUST be active atleast once a day/2 days.

• Move/Lock/Unlock/Remove/Modify/Sticky/UnSticky any Topic in Graphics/GFX Zone ONLY.
• Lock/Unlock Topics everywhere.
• Hide/UnHide any topic in Graphics/GFX Zone ONLY.
• View/Give Karma everyone.
• Remove Topics disabled. GFX Moderators from now on can only Move Topics in Junkyard.

--Gold Member:

-Membergroup Info:
• Gold Members are members who spend a LOT of their free time in MaxCheaters forum. They care about it, they help a lot, they report others in Report Section. Clear mind and not attacking others are some of the main critics to become one of them!
(Date Registered-Karma-Posts-Shares-Total Time Logged in are some criteria. Also must be 18+,clever, not pathetic, not emo, not asslicking, not attacking others,not swearing, not -Karma,respect from others).
(ps: if you feel ready or capable for this position pm a Global Moderator and send him as many information as you can)

• Lock/Unlock Topics.
• Move Topics.(Except some sections)
• View any Topic/Post everywhere.
• View/Give Karma everyone.
• View Hidden Staffers Boards.


--VIP Member:

-Membergroup Info:
• VIP is a Paid Subscribed Membergroup ONLY. VIPs can view any hidden Topics,access VIP/JankYard Sections and lock/unlock in Some Sections.

• Hide/View hidden Topics.
• Access in VIP/Junkyard Sections.
• Lock/Unlock only in own posts on Some Sections.
• Disable Advertisements
• View Profiles Summary and Stats
• View Memberlist
• View/Give Karma
• Edit Custom Title

--Donator Member:

-Membergroup Info:
• Donator is a Paid Subscribed Membergroup ONLY. Donators can view any hidden Topics,access VIP/Junkyard Sections.

• Hide/View hidden Topics.
• Disable Advertisements.
• View Profiles Summary and Stats.
• View Memberlist.

3) Finally i will describe what Active/Inactive Staff Member means:

- Active Staff Member means: MUST Post daily,help others,modify/remove/lock, view report sections or whatever he is capable  in daily basis.
- Inactive Staff Member means: Not Moderating at all, logins once a week , no posting at all, useless posts lately.

PS1: Everyone can have a low profile but not all the time.
PS2: Shared Staff Accounts = Instant Ban without any notice or warning.

That's all folks. I think i helped a lot!!! HF In forum!! See ya there...

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Updated (18 July 2020)

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