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[Preview] Ski Challenge 2010


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Next tuesday (24-11-2009) ski challenge 2010 will start for this season and will finish in about 2 months

It is a ski online race game (last year 3 millions people play it)

it has 7 courses each every 2 weeks (every race start at friday and goes till sunday)

you must do a quallification time on each course so you can be qualified (its very just finish time and you got the time) quallification period for each course is 2 weeks

you can download at http://www.skichallenge.ch/en/  (start dowload at 24-11-2009)

This game is much populated at austria,swiss and germany but on other country not much know it

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Ski Challenge 2010


Great graphics and a unique game experience - and it's free! The «Ski Challenge2010» is a skiing computer game in which you can try your luck on some of the world's best and most attractive downhill courses. Ski Lauberhorn, Streif or Saslong - all the courses are modelled 1:1 on the original pistes. Compete with your friends and show our strong Austrian challengers who's really the best. Be part of the world's biggest ski race: Last year’s edition has been downloaded more than 3 Million times worldwide.









Soon i add Video because YouTube didnt work atm ... (for me only?)

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