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[Video] >WhispeR. MzLucK


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Hi ppl i hope you like my 1ST edit xD


here it is...





@sX if you watch dont be bad with me xD its my 1st try

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The Quality is bad

And the player i think is a pro player

But 1 question why the sky is green?


i am >WhispeR.


the sky is green cause the script for the edit (hp bullets and more not appear)


Maybe he used cheats? i don't know just one oppinion :s


and no i dont use cheat xD

its demos from mxds at kapsimo servers :P

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  • 3 weeks later...

In the video add just the interesting clips not all the game play :-] or u could make a movie with a story but u will need more people to do that but it will be cooler.And the music it's to noisy and really disturbing me.Oh and u could add some effects on it(like screen shaking some nice fades etc.) and improve it's quality a little bit(like improving the color).Oh and work at the intro it's to simple.Look on youtube for "after effects intro" and try to make something similar for your video.

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@sX if you watch dont be bad with me xD its my 1st try


I loled at this one haha!


Well, why did you use fraps to record?-.-'

If I am wrong and you used CS to record, why didn't you record on widescreen and window mode as I write in my guide?o.O

As a result you see the black box around the video, thing that is not good for someone who is intrested in watching the clip in HD..

Cut the scenes only in the frag part and not the whole scene...

One suggestion: Use only fast 5k (5 kills) frags.Not kills like "One down, after 5 seconds another down, after 10 seconds the third down" and goes on..

Add scenes with fast frags ONLY, it will be more enjoyable.

What is wrong with the sky?o.O

You should find high quality models in google and use them..

Also, www.fpsbana.com and search for "skybox"...For 1.6...

You should use sounds...

You should sync better...

You should not use this song, too overused...

The gameplay is..erm good ok..I've seen better one :)

And you need some work on the "smooth" in the begining..Actually you didn't use the smooth options to make the camera move around the map

but you moved it with the spectator camera :S


Anyway, make short clips, with small refrens of songs for better sync and then try movies ;)


Good luck by me and keep it up..

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