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[WTS] L2 Frintezza 10x Hellbound l2 OFF - Lv 79 AW -> GH


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WTS my account on Frintezza Server. Its a 10x rated and massive populated L2 Off server.

Char is Lvl 79 and has Critical Wound skilled. So everything is skilled just Counter Attack and the 4th Buff Book is missing!!

Char is NOBLESSE and has 2 Subclasses. Bishop lvl 77 or (78) not sure^^ (ill check the lvl if there is anyone interested) and Phantom Ranger lvl 77...the last one you can choose!

Both Subclasses are full geared too. One Mj Robe Set + Sword of Valhalla Acumen for the Bishop and a Soul Bow and MJ Light SET for the PR.

Char has no karma and not a bad name on the Server , i just quit cause of playtime problems.

The Main Class (AW = Ghost Hunter) is in Full Mj Light Set and Soul Separator Critical Damage +3.Full Tateosian Jewl Set +3.

In the WH are tons of mats , charocoal , varnish , stem etc...and one Green Soul Crystal Stage 12...perfect for Draco Bow, just needed to lvl it 1 once more and you can use it!

Also in the WH 75-80x EWB and 6x EWA ...for overenchanter perfect =)

Ingame Cash about 300 Million Adena...a Greater Wolf lvl 72 with Top Armor! (to bad droped the wep)

Overall that char has about 2 billion adena on items ...so i dont think u`ll miss anything.


im not sure if anything important is missing ... ill check it later and edit it then.

I`m looking for in rl cash since i cant play anymore that much its useless for me to trade it for another account.


For Info :


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