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[Guide]How to Give Orders To Your Computer(Orally)


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Hello people  :D  ;D

This Is My First Guide/Tutorial.(I AM VERY HAPPY xD)


How The Program Is Called:

Speech Recognition


Whats the use of this Program:

You speak from a microphone and The Computer Obeys you.

Example : Open Mozilla Firefox

And The Computer will Open Mozilla Firefox :D



More Informations Here:

This Program Is Installed to your Computer...You don't need to Download Any Program .(BUT IT ONLY WORKS : Windows 7 for sure.And i think Vista.Not XP) <---I am not sure just check it to your control panel..if it doesn't exist ,it means your computer doesnt got this "program"



So Lets Start.


-Go TO Control Panel(Start>Control Panel)

-Then You Will See Somewhere this-->Ease Of Access(Click it)

-Go to Speech Recognition

-Setup Microphone

-After you do this go again to Ease OF Access>Speech Recognition>Train Your Computer to better Understand you

(And then.A new Window will pop up,And you must read Some Sentences.So you make the computer to understand your voice,do 2 of these-For start)

-After U have learned All About this program(NOTE:If you don't remember a command etc.Open Speech Recognition:And speak:What can i say.This will pop up a window with all the commands that you can give.)

-After That,You may practice your computer...(Train your computer to better Understand you

-And Yeah.After All these EASY Steps.You can give commands to your Computer



Any Questions.I would be very Greatful to Answer them


P.S: sorry for my English

P.S2: Credits To me :D



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Yes.I Was Searching ON my Control panel(5 days ago) About some settings and i saw Ease Of Access .I Went there.And i Just saw it.I just Wrote this steps.all from my mind :P

If you dont believe me its not My fault. :/

+I search on the forum and i didnt find anything like this.

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o_O I think i'dd better get the damn w7 installed already. BTW can you train it to open anything? Like "Pause winamp" "Winamp  nexttrack" "Open mirc, connect to server and write hello to channel #duud" "go to google.com and search: porn".

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i think in greek windows vista don't work this.I have windows vista ultimate and it doesn't work.It don't found yet the american witch translate this program in greek or speak so good greek to do it greek too. :P

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You can do whatever you want.you can open any program.spell anything. EVERYTHING.

I have Windows Ultimate 7 (english version)

Although i am from greece :p

Can you make it write what you say? I mean this would be insane :D.

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If i say : Open Notepad

(it will open notepad)


and then whatever i say..it writes it.


Example :

I say : You are beautiful.

And it will write it.

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Anything like this but for xp? xP


Same Question,I use too Xp and i want a programs like this,for xp pls give me a pm if you know :P

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just formated my pc..and i had Windows 7...it was working(Speech Recognition)

Now i have Vista Ultimate 64 bit..and its working too...i think that Speech Recognition=Giving commands to your computer orally...only works..Vista,Windows 7..(NOT Xp..but i am not sure)..

If someone Got XP..go to control panel..And search for Speech Recognition..if its not there....it means Windows XP cant do this.

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