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[GUIDE] How to install WebMod... (for newbies)


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Hi dudes..I am gonna learn you, how to install WebMod on your cs server!


[move]This plugin is special for one thing![/move]



With this plugin you have the chance to see and administrate your cs 1.6 server, through  a web browser like Mozilla Firefox.


[glow=red,2,300]~Let's begin the simple installation ~[/glow]


1) You have to download it first.

2)After the download, you must extract it on your desktop

3)Copy the whole folder (WebMod) in HLDS\cstrike\addons and add the following line in metamod\plugins.ini :


win32 addons\w\dlls\w_mm.dll


4)Save it and close.

5)Now we are rdy! Restart your server my friend!  :)


If you want to see your server on the internet browser, type in the links bar  the http://xx.xxx.xx.x:port page, where xxx... is your server's ip and <<port>> is its port, which is 95% 27015/27016. When you gonna connect here, you will need the RCON password in order to log on. You dont have to care about security.. because anyone can access this address, but only the person  who knows the RCON password can administrate it.


[glow=red,2,300]TIP[/glow] : In order to see if the plugin works, if it is corectly installed, write "meta list" in the console! If you see a message then ok! all are excellent!  8)


Credits : HOTMAN.

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