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[Share]Leveling herbalism the easy way 1-450


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Leveling Herbalism 1–75


Learn Apprentice Herbalism


At these levels you will be hunting for Silverleaf, Peacebloom, Earthroot and Mageroyal. Here are the maps with herbalism routes for all staring locations:

Azuremyst Isle herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-azuremyst-isle-map.html

Durotar herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-durotar-map.html

Teldrassil herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-teldrassil-map.html

Dun Morogh herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-dun-morogh-map.html

Elwynn Forest herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-elwynn-forest-map.html

Eversong Forest herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-eversong-forest-map.html

Mulgor herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-mulgore-map.html

Tirisfal Glades herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-tirisfal-glades-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 75–150

Learn Journeyman Herbalism


At these levels you will collect following herbs: Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, and Kingsblood.


The greatest place for 75–150 is The Barrens. However if you want to level herbalism in Eastern Kingdoms you can use Westfall for 75–100 and Duskwood for 100–150. Maps:

The Barrens herbalism map (75–150) http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-the-barrens-map.html

Westfall herbalism map (75–100) http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-westfall-map.html

Duskwood herbalism map (100–150) http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-duskwood-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 150–170

Learn Expert Herbalism


Continue gathering Briarthorn, Kingsblood and add Liferoot.


The best zones at this bracket are Hillsbrad Foothills and Wetlands. Maps with routes for this step:

Wetlands herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-wetlands-map.html

Hillsbrad Foothills herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-hillsbrad-foothills-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 170–225


Gather: Wild Steelbloom, Bruiseweed, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Liferoot and Khadgar's Whisker.


This bracket is one of the most boring in leveling Herbalism. All you have to do is running over Arathi Highlands again and again until you hit 225. There are no other suitable zones at these levels. Map:

Arathi Highlands herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-arathi-highlands-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 225–275


Learn Artisan Herbalism


Gather: Goldthorn and Liferoot. At level 230 you will be skilled enough to also collect Sungrass.

The best zone for this bracket is Feralas. Map with route:

Feralas herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-feralas-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 275–300


After hitting 275 you should go to Western Plaguelands. Gather Dreamfoil and previous herbs until you hit 285. Starting from this still you can collect Plaguebloom. Gather all Plaguebloom you've found before 285.

Western Plaguelands herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-western-plaguelands-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 300–350

Learn Master Herbalism


Farm Felweed and Golden Sansam in Hellfire Peninsula until you hit 350. If you have a flying mount you can extended route from map and visit Pools of Aggonar. Route:


Hellfire Peninsula herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-hellfire-peninsula-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 350–400


Learn Grand Master Herbalism


Go to Northrend and start to gather Goldclover up to 400. As there are two "starting" locations in Northrend I've deloped herbalism routes for both of them.

Howling Fjord herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-howling-fjord-map.html

Borean Tundra herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-borean-tundra-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 400–435


When you hit 435 it's time to move to Sholazar Basin. In this zone you will collect Adder's Tongue, Tiger Lily and more Goldclover until 435.

Sholazar Basin herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-sholazar-basin-map.html

Leveling Herbalism 435–450

Starting from 435 you can gather most valuable herbs in Northrend – Lichbloom and Icethorn. If you have a fly mount than the best route for this bracket will be Icecrown + Storm Peaks. But if you don't have a fly it's better to stay in Sholazar Basin until 450.

Icecrown herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-icecrown-map.html

Storm Peaks herbalism map http://wowalism.com/wow-herbalism-maps/wow-herbalism-storm-peaks-map.html


credits to wow guides


with this u can get herbalism maxed at 2 days

When u max it i suggest sholazar basin for fast herb gathering,best area to farm these by far


edit:added map links

more guides will follow

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