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Erm i am confused :)


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erm i jsut notice my karma on -1 ok by lain i understand that i was rude or whatever .. but this 1


Saint® (+2/-4)   ĐαяқSLaYєЯ (+4/-5)   -   Flame War again? i start 1 topic stop spaming!   In topic   October 08, 2009, 08:05:46 PM


erm where did i flame someone ? O_O



P.s i dont rly care if i will take it back cause i dont care about karma i just want to know what happend cause i cant see the topic ...

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No mate, even is saint was an idiot, he may take the karma for the right reason, and the action WizZy™ made could be an abuse :/


any wayz..

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