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[Share]L2J CT2.3 Preconfigured Pack Fully Custom!

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HellO Guys!!Brhka Ena Pack l2j ct2.3 Fully Custom Kai Sas To Kanw Share...


Ti Periexei To Pack?Just Look  :D




AIO Npc:Buffer/Gmshop/Augment/ColorChange/NoblessManager

GM Shop:Vesper Weap/Armors/Custom Armors/Wings/Custom Tattoo`s

NPC To PC Morph

CTF/Dm/TVT/TownWar Events Fully Working


SuperMan Cloack/BatMan Cloack

Custom Epic Hoods

3 Custom Farming Areas

Custom Dollar System


Elpizw na sas aresei...

All Credits Goes To : RevoltadOl


Links :

Rar Pass : www.l2jbrasil.com

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poly oreo keep it up

EDIT: ekana backup, patao login kai gameserver kai tipota mou lei

gamesrver/login closed abnormaly ti den kano sosta? proti fora mou simveni auto,

mporo na to kano fresh install dixos back up?

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[EN]Please make your db from Mahle Navicat backup because I did not upload get yours

with Psc is not clear


And your system folders bring you a message


Engine, dll nich is scheduled to run on Windows

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