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  1. you cant sell acc in farm ville... why you give all facebook acc and you can take it back with email... and i have 70 level farm
  2. i panatha einai i xiroteri arostia ton lagon 0ax0
  3. μα σου λεω οτι και τα 2 ειναι σωστα ρε
  4. first char on l2noobwars i dont remember the name is 1 dark elf mage and i take all time pk all the newbies xD
  5. και μπαιούμ και μπάιουμ, 'Αντεν, γκιραν
  6. TrueBlood


    opios pezi aplha kosmo kai einai koda m exei xasi tin polh t se ligo kero!
  7. TrueBlood


    pezi kanenas ston aplha?
  8. hahahhahahahaahahha ego to lew sosta ala to grafo stuggard den m vgenoune ta ala gramata
  9. bump update vesper wing(cost 100 euro) super haste and more items same price 150 euro