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PS3 or X360 tell why


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PS3 and xbox360 have almost the same graphic card.Their engine is kinda the same so on the graphics card they look the same. The only different is on games and on trophies.


If u like RPG, strategy and action (ps3 has also) then choose xbox360

If u like fps shooter games, racing,action,football,basketball,hokey etc choose ps3.


BTW thats ONLY for now. Meaning that ps3 is a new system it has like less that 2 years  and xbox360 has 4 years or more.

So RPG ,startegy,action etc WILL come out for ps3 also and games that ps3 had will come out for xbox.But that will take some time , like rpg games will come out for ps3 in 2010.


ps3 and xbox360 look alike , only difference is on type of games. Games make the difference on those 2 systems.Both ps3 xbox360 are awesome. About trophies system. PS3 dont award any1 for having lots of trophies , yet (they may add a rewarding system like xbox), xbox has accomplishments which award u with free download games or demos( NOT sure but i think u get free full games with that)



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I choose xbox360 for many reasons.First can play non official games with hacking firmwire while ps3 is 70% sure to be dmg in trying to put hacking firmware.Second xobx is cheaper.Third microsoft is trying to buy all gaming companies so xbox will have more games than ps3 and a lot more

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