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interlude [L2J] L2 Relapse


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                            L2 Relapse, When L2J Surpasses L2Off





L2Relapse is a dream of a group of Lineage 2 players that finally came true.

We've dreamt of being able to create a server that would be as close to perfection as possible. But to achieve this, we all must have experimented the game on its full lenght, so we know in which areas the game needs slight changes to be perfect, and which are already perfect.


As you read this topic, all of our staff is working really hard to have the server ready as soon as possible, so you can enjoy the all the fantastic features and gameplay we've created for you.


But please, keep in mind and don't forget, unlike other servers and communities, L2Relapse is a server made for players by players, which means, your problems and suggestions will always be taken into consideration.


While we build everything, you can already browse through the forum, answer topics/leave suggestions for us to take into consideration prior to the opening of the server.



Thank you so much once again for being in here,


The L2Relapse Staff  



For you to have an idea about the server we're building, I'll give you a couple of details that can be slightly adjusted in the future prior to the server opening.


About the Server Rates, our server is gonna be a high-rate server. By this we don't mean we're going 10.000x, but as we're all looking for something else than leveling up (mostly looking for PVP aren't you guys?), we're gonna put the EXP and Adena rates high enough for you to take way less than a day to level up your character and get basic gear for him.


About Enchants, keep in mind that we're not looking forward to have the server turned into the next episode of Star Wars, so you'll be able to enchant your weapon, not to the max on the first week of course, and also don't expect a max enchant above +25, being the safe the usual +3.


About Donations, don't expect them overpowered either. Will be more than enough for a donator to be powerful, but not enough to give him the ability to kill in 2 shots a person with the average gear. Also, the max enchant donatable won't be the same as the max enchant available, so donations will also feel the fear of enchanting their weapons. Most probably, no donating for Epic Jewels either, as it is one of the key factors that causes unbalance for donators.


Regarding Epic Raids, we're still discussing it, but you can be sure that their respawn time will be fair enough to promote its raid, and still will give fights on the long long run. Which means, even if you camp Valakas for the first month and you always get it, only some of your clan mates will have it. This is done to promote more epic fights for raids, and the more epic fights there are, the better and more enjoyable the server will be.


As for Farming Zones, we will be implementing our Dynamic Farming Zone System. This means that the Farming Zones will vary through a cycle, in which each farming zone will last around 1 week. After that week, the zone changes again. This enables better PvP due to the constant change of terrain locations, and also, less chance to abuse any kind of exploit that may appear.

Farming Zones will have both quick solo boosted EXP mobs and then, the high-end group farming mobs.

At the end of each zone you'll find a Custom Raidboss, which drops will obviously be rewarding for the work it might give.


Last but not the least important, Buff Times and Buff Slots. Most probably you're gonna be able to do an entire Castle Siege without running out of buffs, BUT don't expect powerful supporting buffs like Song of Windstorm, Dance of Bladestorm/Berserker or Chant of Protection to last as much as the remaining Basic Buffs.

Regarding Buff Slots, as this ain't SUPERPVPBRAZILPOWER server, you'll have enough buff slots to buff yourself comfortably, but just not enough to abuse it and make your character an all around one.


Finally, and as our Star Features (so far):


   * Custom MP System: We've found the balance between a non-dying bishop and a bishop that's able to go out of MP if he continuously spams GBH too much. Don't worry, it won't turn this server into a low rate like, but if you like to spam GBH like there's no tomorrow, you better have some recharger class in your party :)

   * Flying Ship Clan Halls: Yes, you've read it well, Flying Ship Clan Halls. Now you'll be able to fly around L2 continent with your clan aboard a ship. Get ready to drop above your wartags head in the middle of a PvP Zone, but don't expect to be able to abuse this feature to enter Raids or gain access to any special/locked area.

   * PvP Balance Engine: Miss the old Interlude days when all the classes were balanced and your Abyss Walker hit way over 500 damage for a backstab? Well, those days are nearly back, as our DEV has developped an awesome engine based on java language that allows us to tune class to perfection in a distance of one command!

   * Custom Elemental Attribute System: Yes, be ready to a fixed Elemental Attribute System on our server, as most probably you've been experiencing a bugged one. This new one works close to retail like, so Elemental Attributes won't be a class unbalance factor like it has been until now.

   * And a couple of more Events and Features that are already on our TO-DO list!


                                            Website : www.l2relapse.com



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all server promising and then nothing...

lets see -.-


Check DW server. They're did well ...

All know it and LOT MORE w8ing for go srv live :)

Regards ;)


Ontopic: Good Luck with u'r srv dude ... :)

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