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  1. OK Dextes oles oi apopseis ala perimeno n akouso k alous mia k h agora th ginei t bradi... Bump
  2. Μεχρι 500 Cash ειμαι νο μορε
  3. Γεια σας παιδιά πάει καιρός που εχω να μπώ στο φόρουμ και θέλω να σας ρωτήσω κατι οσο αφορα ενα λαπτοπ που λογικα θα αγοράσω αυριο. Λοιπον Μετα απο Καποιο ψάξιμο βρηκα αυτα τα 2 λαπτοπια. (Παραθετω Λινκς απο κατω) Θα ηθελα να μου πειτε πιο μου προτείνετε και γιατι. ;) Λινκς 1) http://www.kotsovolos.gr/site/product.jsp?catid=10097597 2) http://www.kotsovolos.gr/site/product.jsp?catid=10098037 Θενκς Additional Information : Το λαπτοπ το θελω κυριως για σερφαρισμα και για εφαρμογες Ομως Να μπορει να τρεχει κ κανενα παιχνιδακι Ε οχι κ Crysis αλλα Να παιζει
  4. Hey guys well i am will be making smth soon and i would like a movie now i dont know how thats called.i need that thing you iknow that in a movie The Bad guy is at his house or at a place and someone more often the FBI etc Do smth like a GPS And You see a World map picture then zoon in zoon in zoon in and there is a Thing that flashes and shows where that guy is, I need a Clip with that "thing" shown ty
  5. Well i wanna buy it but i wanna know if Its essential to have played the DAO One?
  6. What you mean By 2 MP Modes? Its like this Main Menu --> 1 One choice For Multiplayer Now when you press on MP it will go you to another screen when you Have 4 Choices Play now Ranked Match Players Match Invite friends ( not so sure) Anyway Now i always go on with Play now its more fast.Then you have to Choose You Assasin From i think 9 Assasins.And then You Play There are 2 Games. First Is named WANTED In the ‘Wanted’ mode, it’s every Guy for themselves as the player selects an appropriate persona and is loaded into an map that is filled with AI cont
  7. Did They People In the hotel Went Happy Cause they Thought that They GOT Revenge from The Doct?
  8. Bieber is Just Like What the Miz Is And that is An AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOOOOOME IDIOT