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[Volleyball] FINAL: Poland vs France


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Well as tittle say tommorow 19:30 (Polish time) There gonna be Volleyball Final at Europe! :)

What's ur opinion about it ? :)

What u think who win ??

Poland didnt lose any match, so i think this FINAL also our :) (I want remind in our group we beat France 3:1) :)

Well I HOPE Poland win once more and be THE BEST IN EUROPE :)


P.S. Good Job for france team who beat russia even when losing at tie-break 13:9 ... :)

Really good job :) And Good Luck :)


But that NIGHT will be POLISH NIGHT!! :))


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this topic doesn'y have any mean of sence :|


OmG !!


Before post look date >_<


Poland already won so u dont must to post it if its no sense.


Damn u ...


If someone can Lock it to evade useless spam...



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