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[Guide][CS 1.6] Improving your server TIPS;Etc... Vol 1 :).


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Hello Maxcheaters i'm really bored these days and i've decided to make a guide about all server hosters. So let's start.


In order to have a nice and stable server you should first pick a nice machine + a nice internet connection so we all know that :


#In CS servers can hold up to 32 players maximum.

#In CS private servers there are different modes.

#In CS server there are always hackers.


So you should all know that for a CS server creation & stabilazing it so it can hold more players the only thing in parameters that should be increased is




~Cooling system [not always tho if you want a 24/7 online server YES!]

~Power Up system


These are components of the PC you should have boosted in order to maintain a normal Counter-Strike server, for example a better Sound/Video card does NOT improve your server while a bigger number in RAM sure does!


Internet connection should vary from


#4mb~8mb 10-15 slots server

#8mb~10mb 15-21 slots server

#10mb~16mb for a Massive server with 32 slots.


Ok so much about what internet connection and what PC specifics you need in order to host a server let's get to the part where your server might lag & what may cause that.


So in order to improve your server and provide a lag-free gameplay for all the server visitors you should first increase the frame per second for the players. A good way of doing so is restricting the Smoke Granade from the shop and enabling it only in 5v5 matches since if you don't know smoke granades cause a drastic decrease in the FPS to the guys surrounding the smokenade. Also you know they are a lot of plug-ins for CS servers and imho they are mostly useless and stupid. Try to avoid adding too much plugins to your server otherwise it may start to lag and to slow down operation speed which may cause further problems. So for example if you're doing a Classic server do not unnacesary plugins like ... parachutes... block... colored nades... or anything like that cuz they do not only spoil the gameplay but as i said before cause lag as well. Also i'd like to give some tips on administrators which would like to make different type of servers


For example


[Classic Server]


In a classic server there's shouldn't be thing like... colored granades, parachutes ... and things like that. Actually a classic server means an untouched core files server meaning they are no addons on it except the AdminMod. I've also seen ppl making classic servers and for example launching maps like awp_india on them. That's just stupid & retarded. These maps are not for a classic gameplay a classic map f.e is de_dust2 de_nuke and many more but mini-maps aim-maps are not to be inputted into a Classic server.


[KreedZ Server]


Nothing much that i can say about this one. I'd strongly suggest you do not implement AdminMod in a server type like this one as it cause lag , install only KZ plugin and that's it. Believe me you will not need an admin in a server with such type. Also you could also add ljstats plugin so players can see how long they jump after finishing climbing a certain map always bring more fun to the server :).




That servers are highly modified with alot of things in them so I would strongly suggest that you make it a 15-16 slots server as 21 slots server with so many plugins and thingies aint fun + causes lag. In this type of servers you can add whatever plugin you like as it's for fun only.




No unneceserry plugins only hide'n'seek plguin + frostnade to make a fair gameplay. Some HnS plugins include a frostnade addon but some don't so...


[biohazard ; Zombie Plague]


Well that's a mode for fun only the important thing in those servers is to find a way to balance the two races ... Zombies and Humans adding a knockback while getting shot is an idea or making smth like a slow/frost nade so that it can disable  the zombies and give a bigger chance for survival of humans. Also I wouldn't recommend that you guys use the unlimited bullets plugin , it really unbalances the mode.




So now that we have that cleared let's move on. Well that is one of the main parts of creating a good & stable server and that's protecting it . So the best anti-cheat protection is SxE injected and believe me when i say it's the best it's the best. Still some ppl managed to crack it but there aren't many ppl that can bypass that anti-cheat even if they do you'll always have an admin guarding your server online so here's some more info about the sxe injected


sXe InjecteD Anti-Cheat 4rbpanb.png


-It detects no flash hacks

-It detects no recoil hacks

-It detects speed hacks

-It detects wall hacks

-It detects aim-bot hacks

-It detects alias commands

-It detects ESP features of hacks

and more...


Client Version:


Version 8.03 FIX! --> http://download.sxe-injected.com/downfile.php?id=1


Server Version:


Version --> http://download.sxe-injected.com/downfile.php?id=2



Source : sxe-anticheat


Now that you have your perfectly done with a good protection and a lag-free gameplay don't you think it's time you satisfy the new players by increasing the speed of downloading the server files? I mean you all know that when you enter a certain server and for example it has an plugin/addon which you do not have so you have to download the  files in order to pay in there? Well i previously made a guide about it but i've decided to delete it and instead, to post it here so here it is :


For Newbie users


You'll be needing


1) Web server

2) Copy of the server files located in this web server

3) A samll modification of the file server.cfg


So here's the HowTo guide


a) [Windowns] You'll have to install the web server on your Machine where your CS Srver is located. The best packet is called Wamp


Download the latest version and install it. You'll have to know your way to the wwwroot folder, who you'll put in process of the guide. There, you'll be copying the files, who are going to be downloaded when someone enters the server. You'll have to make it so your web-server loads with Windows. The program called Wamp contains Apache2, PHP5 and MySQL 5 - so, your server can have a web site and/or a forum.


b) Copy some of the files that are located in the cstrike folder in wwwroot , in the folder which name is "files". Example : c:\wamp\www\files


Here comes the question  "What exactly do we have to copy from the CSTRIKE folder?"

Attention! Do not copy fails like server.cfg or the whole folder "addons".


Only these files must be copied :


.wad from/in cstrike\

.tga from/in gfx\env\

.bsp from/in maps\

.txt from/in maps\

.res from/in maps\

.mdl from/in models\

.wav from/in sound\

.spr from/in sprites\


So now the files will be available in an address like this one "Example : http://cs.server/files/maps/fy_pool_day.bsp" where cs.server is your ip adress [mostly IP]


c) You'll use the added H-F engine CVAR - 'sv_downloadurl'. He provides that place of the resources who must be downloaded. In cstrike\server.cfg you'll have to add in a new line


sv_downloadurl "http://cs.server/files/"


Once we replace that cs.server with the idress of your server, the CVAR would look like this , example :


sv_downloadurl ""


That is all!

Note: The maximum lenght of the cvar "sv_downloadurl" is 127 characters.



For Advanced Users


Add the following lines in the httpd.conf file located in apache\conf\:


Alias "/files" "C:/Server/CS 1.6 Server 1.9/cstrike"

<Directory "C:/Server/CS 1.6 Server 1.9/cstrike">

Order deny,allow

Deny from all

<FilesMatch \.(?i:wad|ztmp|bsp|res|spr|wav|mdl|tga|bmp)$>

Order allow,deny

Allow from all




You'll have to replace "C:\Server\CS 1.6 Server 1.9\cstrike" with the way to your server. Example :

Your game is located in C:\Games\CS. The way to it should look like this "C:\Games\CS\cstrike".


With the usage of this method you won't have to copy the files separately of the webserver, because Apache automatically will upload them from your cstrike folder.


Other Advantages:

After the successful installation of the webserver the next step can be installation of a forum [f.e phpBB] so you can make download sections for maps/sounds/bots etc...


Thats the end of the guide . Insparation given from iVoka! Guide translation from Bulgarian to English thanks to me + the for advanced users guide is mine as well. Hope you enjoy it don't forget to comment. That's all.




[Another Explanation of the guide's effect]


With this guide you can make the download speed bigger. F.e you have many custom sounds weapon skins etc and a new guy enters your server he can't actually play it because he has to DL the files first well he'll download them faster because the admin cares for the ppl that are going to join his/her server :P. Ask any questions i'll help!



Well that's all for now hope you liked my guide if you are ever to copy this guide please give credits to me :).


Any comments are welcomed. I might add a FAQ guide tommorrow but we'll see. As i said that's all for now.





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Awesome! Thanks


By the way i saw many servers when i asked how much u pay the hoster for month he said none. Its cause of advertising? I mean they host ur server and u put their spirit files (or whatever...advertisements) and u dont need to pay anything?


Just asking cause i dont want to make server with 32 slots. I want 10-15 but i kinda dont have money for it. Maybe its not so expensive but hh i have 0$.



Ehm Sorry for bad english and kinda offtopic.

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Usually CS servers are hosted on home machines as 21 ppl on a game thats barely even 600 mb doesn't really need a super-machine.

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Usually CS servers are hosted on home machines as 21 ppl on a game thats barely even 600 mb doesn't really need a super-machine.


Well i have only 1.2 Mbp/s

So ... -.- Have any tips?



By the way thanks for share AGAIN cause cheaters wont be able to pass! :) Yay!

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That wont be enough for hosting a server ppl have have a lot of lag. But do you have 12 or 1.2 ? And we're talking about Upload speed not download. If you have 12mb - [1200 kb] upload speed you can host a nice server :).

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