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[Request] A program to view the packets and make scripts


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Hellow my friends,

Well I have played since January more or less and I always have used the WowEmuHacker without problems but 3 days ago my server has implemened a new anti-hacking system that when you use a feature of this [speedhack, teleport...] the servers kicks you and bans you inmediatly, because of this I lost two char at 70  >:(

So now I want revenge!! hahaha

I rememberer that when I play L2 there was a program, WPP of sauron that allowed to make a connection to Proxifier and see the packets between server and client, it also had a script window so you could make scripts in delphi to modify the packets and bypass some L2Walker servers protections i.e: Dragon-Network...

Then I want something like that but for WOW!

And who know?

Maybe I could unban my account or create a useful script, etc

Remeber that everything that you can view you can hack it, and I see the "Banned" mensage.

Bests regards;


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For packet editing I use WPE pro (modified version). You could try to add your banned character to friend list to get characters "ID" then save it somewhere. Then log in with any char and get the "ID" of the unbanned character. Then make a filter to Swap the Unbanned character ID to Banned char ID and hopefully you can log in with the banned character. <-- Might not work this way. Just an idea to try.

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Yeah, I know the WPE but I don't like it very much for several reasons.

1. You don't know the name of the packets because there is not a database of them, I mean, in the WPP that I told you you have the name of the packets and more detailed i.e: RequestAuthLogin C<S and the thing separated i.e: the checksum in green so you could diference the diferents parts of the packet.

2. In WPE you don't make scripts, you make filters that means that you have to work in HEX and it's more complicated than in Delphi.

3. I have problems with my antivirus and WPE but well that can be solved very easy but I don't like that.

But thanks anyway, I probably try this ^^


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Sorry for disappointing you but WPE is the only packet sniffing program that's working for WoW clients.




EDIT: Aasi888 wants to add the fact that the program called Wireshark also works [i didn't knew it really] you should tested as noone of us did TheEnd might used it .





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