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Complete weapon update for Gracia Final!

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Edit: Finally got it committed! http://www.l2jdp.com/trac/changeset/6525 :D


Can a mod please lock this thread? :)



Once again, I'm sharing this here because I want more people active in the L2J community and not just sitting on these boards leeching.


Original thread:



First, this is based on the CORE PROJECT. If you're running L2JFree, Emu, or some other fork, you're on your own as far as getting the diffs to work as I don't know how different theirs are.


So now a quick and dirty run down of what this does...

1. Moves weapon SAs and pvp bonuses out of weapon xmls (except for those that directly modify weapon stats as per C4 data and have no SA skill).

2. PROPERLY assigns all weapon SAs to their proper weapon.

3. Updates prices and crystal counts for all weapons that required it based on Gracia Final data (no, you can not have my source. If you want to verify prices, go on retail, start putting weapons into sell windows {ie. you sell to an npc} and start verifying sell prices... you'll see I'm right and L2J is wrong).


Here's how I did this...

First I used C4 leaked retail data as a base.

I would create the skill and assign weapons based on that data alone.

Then I would check client data, see if the skill gained levels. If so, fill those in as needed.

Then I would go through the database, grab all weapons for that specific SA, and assign them based on weapon TYPE and DESCRIPTION. Many SAs restrict by weapon type if they have multiple skills. So that made it a lot easier to track down what went where for weapons beyond C4. It was all very logical really (thank God whoever does NCSofts SA stuff is sane).


For Vesper weapons, some of them got their own skills in the 8xxx range. I already did those and they were already committed to the core project by DrLecter:



Others were easy to assign based on the above logical steps. There's a typo in the Guidance description for the Vesper bow, says 75 but it's 7.5.


Really, this has taken months to do and verify.


And like I said, the main reason I'm sharing this here is because I want you all to PLEASE JOIN THE MAIN L2J FORUM AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE L2J PROJECT IN WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN! Doing this helps everyone. It helps you, and it helps just about every fork out there including the one you probably use since they all pull updates from the core project.



Temporary link: http://lineageuniverse.com/downloads/25-08-09.zip


For all updates, please follow this thread: http://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=13247

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I can not reg on that forum im stuck in the register page when i press i agrre...

im in the same page again


Make sure you have cookies enabled and are accepting them from the site, and there's a question, it asks you to get Pi to the first 9 or 10 digits i think. So don't forget to do that otherwise it won't let you register. It's to keep out spammers and bots.

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