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Wonderous Cubic Quest And What Reward You Get Gracia Only


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ok guys we start with quest:


Quest Name: A Special Order

Level: 40+

Location: Town of Giran

NPC: Grocer Helvetia

Type: One-Time/Solo

Reward: Wondrous Cubic


This quest starts in the town of Giran with Grocer Helvetia. There are two different 'options' for completing this quest. You are randomly given one of the two options when you start the quest. If you do not want to do the option you are given, you can abort the quest and restart it until you get the option you want.


For the first option you need to use the manor system and gather some harvested fruits to complete the quest. The seeds you will need to manor are all within effective manoring range of a L40 character to approximately L48. You do not have to buy or use seeds for a specific region, so you can harvest the fruits needed from any manor that offers those seeds. This is usually the fastest way to complete the quest for most characters.


The second option requires a quantity of Orange Fish of the three basic types. For this you will want at least a C grade fishing pole and C grade fishing shots. The optimal level of fishing expertise for this is roughly L15 or so...but it's actually better if you are over this level and use an Orange Fishing potion to reduce your fishing expertise to the necessary level, so you have a better chance of getting exactly the fish you need. This option is always available if you can't or don't want to use the manor, although it does take longer to complete this way.




For Option #1 Helvetia will send you to Warehouse Chief Gesto in Giran. You are going to need buy, plant and harvest the following fruits from the manor system for him. Golden Cobol, Thorn Cobol and Great Cobol. You will need 40 of each of these three fruits. You may need to buy a few extra seeds to ensure you have enough fruits for the quest depending on your level and where you are manoring these seeds.


Note, the quest text keeps calling the required items "Seeds", but it actually is the harvested fruits that it wants. These seeds are all easily manored with a L40 character on 1x HP field mobs. Once you have all 120 fruits (40 each) go back to Gesto and he will put them into a jar for you to give to Helvetia.




For Option #2 Helvetia will ask you to talk to Fishing Guild Member O'Fulle. O'Fulle is in the same room as Helvetia, so you don't have to go far to reach him. For O'Fulle you need to aquire 10 each of the basic Orange Fish types. These are the Orange Ugly Fish, Orange Nimble Fish and Orange Fat Fish. The "Small" or "Large" orange fish of these types are NOT usable for this quest. This is why using an Orange Fisherman's potion is recommended to adjust your fishing expertise level to maximise your chances of getting the correct fish you need.


Once you have all 30 fish (10 of each type) return to O'Fulle and he will put them in a chest for you to give to Helvetia. Any other fish you caught while doing this can be taken care of normally. (Sell, Open or trash.)


[imghttp://vnmedia.ign.com/l2vault.ign.com/images/quests/SpecialOrder-03F.jpg[/img]http://Regardless of which quest option you chose the reward from Helvetia will be the same. a special item called the "Wondrous Cubic". The only real difference between the two options will be how hard or easy it will be to complete and how long it will take. You should be able to finish either quest option within a couple hours at the most. (Faster for manor, longer for fishing.)




The cubic works simply by clicking it while it is in your inventory. (You cannot use this item while sitting down.) Clicking the cube randomly rewards you with a colored cubic piece. The cube can generate a cubic piece once every 24 hours. This is a strict timer, and unlike the Kamaloka instances, it does not reset at a specific time each morning.




There are two 'types' of cubic pieces (Rough or Fine) and five different colors of cubic pieces. (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and White.) These cubic pieces have an adena value of zero to normal NPC stores. The warehouse Freightman in every town however, will sell you enchant scrolls in exchange for adena and a specific cubic piece. (1 scroll per cubic piece.)


The type of cubic piece determines what enchant scroll you can trade for. A rough cubic piece is needed for enchant armor scrolls and the fine cubic pieces are used for enchant weapon scrolls. The color of the cubic piece determines what the grade of the scroll will be. Blue is D grade, Yellow is C grade, Green is B grade, Red is A grade and White is S grade. The adena amount needed with each cubic piece does scale with the enchant offered. The full list is:


Rough Blue Cubic Piece + 18,000 adena = Enchant Armor D grade.

Fine Blue Cubic Piece + 150,000 adena = Enchant Weapon D grade.


Rough Yellow Cubic Piece + 45,000 adena = Enchant Armor C grade.

Fine Yellow Cubic Piece + 330,000 adena = Enchant Weapon C grade.


Rough Green Cubic Piece + 80,000 adena = Enchant Armor B grade.

Fine Green Cubic Piece + 1,500,000 adena = Enchant Weapon B grade.


Rough Red Cubic Piece + 720,000 adena = Enchant Armor A grade.

Fine Red Cubic Piece + 5,400,000 adena = Enchant Weapon A grade.


Rough White Cubic Piece + 1,500,000 adena = Enchant Armor S grade.

Fine white Cubic Piece + 15,000,000 adena = Enchant Weapon S grade.


Your chance of getting a specific cubic piece is not completely random. The most common are the Blue and Yellow pieces. You will get these roughly 90% of the time. (Of these roughly 60% will be blue and 40% yellow) For the remaining colors, I would estimate a 5% chance of green, 3% chance of Red and 2% chance of a White. The chance of a Rough cubic piece versus a Fine cubic piece is perhaps closer to 50%. (Or 60%/40% at worst.)


Each character on your account can have their own cube and use it once per day. (The re-use timer is character specific.) If each character on your account has a cube, this gives you seven chances at a specific cubic piece per day. It's not a cheap method of aquiring enchant scrolls, nor is it consistent. But it is reliable. If nothing else, you can sell the resulting scrolls or cubic pieces to other players.




Reward: The "A Special Order" quest provides the reward of a Wondrous Cubic.




Every 24 hours, you can click double click on this inventory item and obtain Fine or Rough Cubic Pieces of different colours. These pieces can be handed in to the Freightman at any town for Enchants. Fine pieces will get you Weapon Enchants, Rough Pieces will get you Armor Enchants. The color of the pieces indicate which grade of Enchant you will receive as follows:


width=77 height=768http://vnmedia.ign.com/l2vault.ign.com/images/Jayla/WondrousCubicRewards2.jpg[/img]


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i made this quest on one server but i made it with the fishes. for the fishes you need to buy a orange potion to hunt for orange fishes ;) but cool. many ppl dont know abut this Q

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Well, it will help a lot of people!


I see that you make a lot of Guides in English Section. They are Copy / Paste or What?


Anyway, Good Job!

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Well, it will help a lot of people!


I see that you make a lot of Guides in English Section. They are Copy / Paste or What?


Anyway, Good Job!



yeah he copied it and didn't even give the credits for the creator :/

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I Did It With Mannor Option, If U Wanna Make It With Mannor In Example And Npc Give U Fish Quest Just Cancel It And Start Again.


If U Can Do It On Every Char U Have, And Farm Enchants Easy :P

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