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[GRACIA FINAL L2J] All Out War Private Server!


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XP/SP 15x

Adena 20x






Almost all the gracia final skills are fully working now!


Stazis Geodata is being used as a base with custom modified geodata for areas beyond Interlude.


Sieges are 100% working.


Olympiad and hero system is 100% working.


Max level for subclasses is 85.




Augments are 100% working.


Skills are autolearn and class changes are automatic!


Frintezza is raidable and retail-like. Most importantly is Hellbound which has gotten a LOT of work. You can hunt lesser and greater evils for quest materials for obtaining S80 weapon recipes and mats, and IoP and Crystal Caverns are both working so you can hunt for seeds to exchange for S80 armor recipes and materials.




If you have any problems there is an in game feature that we have where you can report bugs directly to the admin!

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you know there is also a game feature called patitions? =P


seems your webpage needs edits and that almost always means.. your server needs em also, but since it seems retail.. maybe not =P


anyway.. how much ppl already play?

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free webpage + l2j + lowrate + homehosted = No Future


GL anyway



Says the person with the free domain, free host, and oh look... hosted off some ghetto server in romania. Hypocrite much?


Difference between us is our server is a dedicated machine on comcast's BUSINESS service. 50/25mbps connection for $89/mo. The only reason we haven't gone with a colocation service to host our server is because capacity on the line far exceeds current demand. If and when the time comes that we find that the line no longer supports the needs of the server, then we'll move to a colocation or the univeristy network. Don't come in my thread being a jackass when you apparently know nothing.


And yeah, we may be running L2J, but our data is superior to yours. How about you get off your ass, sign and and look around before shitting on my server? I guarantee more work has gone into developing this server than yours. I bet you money my server follows retail a LOT closer than yours does in terms of stats, skills, and working elements. While we might be based off the core L2J project, they are FARRRRR behind us in what's been fixed and retail stats.

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what about quests?  all gracia items working? u tell most of gracia skills are working, but are they working properly?


The Gracia Content for the most part is closed off. Our focus is primarily on getting everything working that came before Final then we can focus on the Gracia Final continent.


Our biggest work comes from having redone weapons, armors, items, and npcs with retail data. The NPC updates was the hardest one (and there are about 800 npcs left to update). We have a dev working on Beleth and steel citadel right now (so that includes Epidos, Tully, Demon Prince, Ranku, etc). We've removed the quest and level restrictions for entering Hellbound Isle as well. We feel that HB is enough of a challenge that we don't want to force players to quest simply to enter and find out they aren't strong enough yet to face the challenges there.


As for skills, there are only a handful that don't work now. Those being things like Hide (level 83 dagger skill for full invisibilty), the seed skills (working on a trigger system right now for them so that incremental levels of the same skill can be triggered), and there are a few minor things (like limiting triggers based on the amount of damage recieved and defining a minimum amount).


So aside from those little things, for the most part, we've busted our ass off not only fixing broken skills, but also updating all working ones with retail info (including new base land rates, reuses, and hit times).


We've balanced the usage of hero skills, making them have static hit and recharge timers, same with the noble skill. That way no class gets an advantage based on their gear or buffs.


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