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Point Blank NCSoft game [Giran Town video]


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What is the Point Blank? Military Encyclopedia claims that this sustained expression, which is translated as «the shot in focus». In part, the authors of the book right, but only we can provide a complete definition.



Point Blank - This is a global multi-action first-person. The game developed by NCsoft, which is known worldwide for superpopulyarnoy Lineage 2.



At this time the player is invited to perevoplotitsya either a terrorist or special. Say that this has already seen? Whatever the case. Point Blank - is not just a set of locations and some weapons, but also the whole world with its history. Much attention is paid to strategies, tactics and dynamics of the fighting, from which nothing distracts gamers: even the purchase of weapons is not in the battle, and before him.



The most important element of Point Blank is the development of character. The player is invited to choose the path of attack plane, a soldier or a technical support specialist. And in each direction, there are many branches. If someone wants easily treated with knives, the other more like the role of Rambo, which one is able to withstand an army. But maybe you like a sniper path for which there is nothing more expensive rifles Dragunov? Yes There is still military occupations. Everyone will find something!




In the past, were ambushed. In Point Blank will not sit long in one place in anticipation of the opponent. In the win left the players, relying on quick movement and instant reaction: in a rapidly changing environment, these qualities do not just save the lives of soldiers.


Do not forget that the Point Blank - the online project. This means that the game will be frequently updated, and the world constantly increasing. And most importantly - the developers did not get tired to please users of surprises. Do you fight with golems of Lineage 2 or survive in a duel with ozhivshimi dead? If your answer «Yes», join the government forces or rebels to join and go to the front!



Point blank trailer:



Point Blank in Lineage2 Giran Town:



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