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Frintezza [www.frintezza.com] "anti-bot" protection


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Does anyone have any idea how this works? The server was supposedly unprotected but the other day the Admin announced he had to make a short restart and when people relogged around 40 were automatically teleported to jail by some script. Whatever it is, it's rather selective as only 40/2000 or so players were detected. Also the SH/EE in my train were ported to jail yet my BD and SE who have been botting with us 24/7 were untouched. Not to mention many other bot trains were still running which kinda makes me think they are bluffing about some auto detection. It seems to me like they have identified a select few manually and using us an example to pretend they can detect every player on the server.

Nearly all of the players jailed originally were given a second chance a let out, but last night the server restarted again and it seems only the same players are back in jail again. Some claim they werent even botting but I doubt thats the case. All I am sure about is that they are selecting a very small proportion of the actual number of IGW users but I dont know why others are ignored.


In response to our denials of botting the admin shows us this which apparently is proof to our using walker

12.08.2009 07:00:32: L2Walker IG (ID=username123, IP=xx.xx.xx.xx, hKey=xxxxxxxxxxxx)


Also something one GM mentioned while they were trying to turn off their failed script is that players should restart their PC to make sure the script doesnt auto jail them again in the meantime.


Can anyone help with this? like how to bypass their detection methods once we did get out of jail. Considering they dont seem to have any advanced protection or resources available, surely it cant be that hard to do?

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i found this forum but cannot see nothing cuz don't have point... if someone want go on this forum www.procheats.es/tags/walker.html and then post it here


I think we should tell them: Share or MaxCheaters community will start a DDoS attack :)

It's easy somebody can pay 5€ and check if it's working, maybe I'll.

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They use hautd protection and a cron to parse the hautd logs , especialy one file , they use a php file for instance that teleport all the character with the account "username123" to jail using cached methods.


The client side protection reside in fire.dll


Happy cracking.

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