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[SHARE]Bug SubClass Dragon-Network x5 -x10 -x15 x30 x200


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Hello friend i find subclass bug and when ppl see you will ask you : WTF are you class ?


Lets see wht you need ....




1.Main Class -> Overlord

2.Retail Class -> Phantom Summoner

3.DN SubClass -> Titan


Go to Aden Town -> Sir Eric with your retail sub or DN sub and delete your MAIN class Overlord and ADD new class ( Warcryer ) when you ready just change to sub class to MAIN and LOL


you will be dwarf with Retail and DN SubClass skills and you can join with this in Olympiad Game

I dont know why u transform to dwarf when u make this.



P.S Dragon-Network more info about subclass :



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I dunno anything about subclass bug, make posts unhidden. We can't try this if works or not. Or make hide for 100-150 posts.


I think no workin subclass bug in DN.



lol this work i get BAN from Dragon-Network for join in oly with this bug

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Let me know something:


You was detected during olympiad when you tryed to join? So basically the bug does what? You can stack 2-3 subclasses?


I dont ask you to share how to exploit without the proper amount of Hide-post, all I want to know is what it does.

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Drogata can make a video,to understand all.Anyway thanks for share.


lol this work i get BAN from Dragon-Network for join in oly with this bug


noway my acc is baned  i have long time to creat new char new sub collection mat for DN sub class ........

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"i find subclass bug " <= yeh right

this "bug" is explained on DN forums where there is no post count (lol)


its the dwarf body bug that allow level 85 and joining oly


he also forgot to tell that you can do that as human or orc only, else you won't be able to log your char ever again.



ps: original free tutorial link from DN itself: http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php/topic,151473.msg1542121.html#msg1542121

pps: joining oly with it = ban indeed


ppps: theres a bug to add skills not from your class on dn. 100dc or wait until its fixed there and tutorial will be posted.


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