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  1. On DN ty/de is not that good in catacombs because of phsical resistance of mobs. ty/de as damage dealer + spoiler + pp/bp + bd/se + sws will rape in varka silenos. All you gotta do is set your healer to heal him only under 55% hp,even 30% hp if you have weapon with +25 health. Also give him 1 vampiric buff. If you want catacombs I used this party necro/sorc - gloom/debuffs - first hit sps/es - debuff for aqua and hit with aqua after - follow the necro (use the seraphim buff for reuse time) bd/se - mage buffs pp - mage buffs sws/ee (or only ee) for prophecy Happy boting g
  2. On several servers this id : 3197 - Item Skill: Silence: Active: Temporarily blocks the target's magic skills doesent work. Something could be wrong? or is not implemented?
  3. Is working just fine, ignore the trojan report, anyway you use your password in there so why should you care about the trojan?
  4. With this attitude you`ll get 3 people on your server. You, your little brother and your dual box.
  5. Let me know something: You was detected during olympiad when you tryed to join? So basically the bug does what? You can stack 2-3 subclasses? I dont ask you to share how to exploit without the proper amount of Hide-post, all I want to know is what it does.
  6. Can you tell me how you made them? used a large picture and then shrink it? Or you are a pixel artist and made them pixel by pixel?
  7. Is there any macro so I can attack at any point without holding the CTRL button?
  8. This is an easy way of making money in l2j servers. You buy many weapons, many enchants and then you let the script to run. You collect the weapons that succeded enchant and start selling them.
  9. It does look nice but it doesent work in Gracia. Can you be nice enough and update it please?
  10. Doesent work, Topics with old hacks should be closed. We just lose time searching through them,.
  11. Dragon Network use a special subclass system. You can use skills from both your subclasses as long as they are the same race. For example you can play th/da pp/he necro/sorc ol/wc tyr/de tyr/wc.
  12. usually players try to scam others with cheators sites help :) they are lamers.
  13. its just the animation. You simulate the hit, you even hit him but you dont do any damage. If he`s a smart player usually whe u atack he will react and atack you back. If you`re low level he gonna kill u. This is the single good thing of this cheat. Old and useless.
  14. my target = someone targeting me or = what i target does it work on DN ?