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Fable 1 or Fable 2 whats your favorite?

What do you prefer of these two Games?  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you prefer of these two Games?

    • Fable 1
    • Fable 2
    • Both
    • None
    • Dont care

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Yeah i wud vote for fable 1 cause, yeah fable 2s to much pirate nubage :o(and if it was one piece pirate age it wud be much more pwnsome haha XD) Well i'd love to hear your suggestions, Fable 2 has a gun oO, in fable 1 theres more magic skills and more action :D, N dont spam plox ill just Report ya ^^

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Fable 1 , in teh old X-box.

In the beginning you do favours and good things, but when you get your good gear, you turn into an evil bastard. :P

A simple example of good , old Fable.

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Fable 1 was one of the best games i have ever played. I haven't play yet Fable 2 cuz i don't have x-box 360 :'( . And as i have read in their official site they got no intention of making a pc version of Fable 2!


DAMN! :(

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