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[Tutorial]How to make a basic signature


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Hello there...How are yah???Guess what(What??)!!I am in a good mood again...Do you guyz know what does that mean???Yes,you are right...Another awesome share(LOL)from me xD!!This time i'll show you how to make a simple and good signature...This style of signature is actually based on heroes/villains...I found it today while making Legollas' signature...Then i've been inspired fo Flash and i discovered a new sgnature style...I have just made one sig with this guide and i would be gratefull if you could be kind and appreciate my hard work 'coz it's my first signature tutorial and i am not that pro on Photoshop...WeLL i said a lot...Let's get it started...


Open Photoshop..Type Ctrl+N to make a new image or just go:File/New and put those settings:


Now a new window will come up...We got our basic image so let's move on...

When i started with this signature i decided that the colors that i will use are deep blue and black

So Select "Deep Blue" for Foreground color and Black for background color:


NOTE:The colors can be different,depending on your render..Every render has two basic colors or fits well with two colors...

Then It's time to colorize the background so grab the Gradient tool(type "G" or right-click on the "Paint Bucket TooL"...)


Now make a line on the middle of the image and then change the gradient to the one that includes the colors that you selected before...You should get smth like this:


Now make a new layer(Type Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N)and fill it with our foreground color(Deep Blue) and the duplicate it(Ctrl+J)..

Once it's done,Select the second layer of all and go:Filters/Render/Lens Flare..Then a new window will come up and we got to put the settings like this:


When you make then you will notice that lens flare effect didn't affect your image...So go and hide the duplicated layer and you will be able to see the "lens flare effect"...

It's time to give it a style so Grab the "Smudge TooL" and smudge it around...Then you will probably get smth like this:


Now unhide the duplicated layer and smudge it around but not in the same way...Once you smudge it put it on overlay or vivid light and you will get smth like this:


Now make a new layer and place your render on the white light effect that we made before...Find the size that you want to and don't forget to have "shift" pressed while you are transforming your render...

Now we have our render...Duplicate the layer that the render is located on and then go:Filters/Render/Disort/Wave

Then click randomize and then ok...Now put it to linear/color dodge and dicrease the opacity to 80%!!

Then you will get smth like this:


Now duplicate the render's layer once again and smudge it around...Then put it on Color dodge or Linear dodge...

Now duplicate the render's layer twice and put one render on the left and one one the right side...Then smudge 'em around and put them on overlay or just 50%..

Then you got smth like this:


The most of you have read Batman's comics or seen a Batman's movie so you should know about Gotham City...Well i left my inspiration go and i thought that it would be marvelous to make an effect with Gotham City...I searched on Planetrenders Site and i found a Chicago Skyline named render...I will use it as a gotham city render...So In case you want to do this make a new layer under your first batman's render..Now place there the town's render on the new layer that we made...Once you place it there put it to overlay and it will look like this:


Now make a new layer and select the brush tool...yes you guessed right...It's about time to brush our image..Brush a bit and then set the layer to Soft Light...

Ok now go Layer/Layer Adjustement/Color Balance and set the settings like this:


Now it's time to add our text...

A good text can do miracles...So i'll give you some tips...

Don't make big texts

Don't use weird fonts

Don't use sh*tty effects but make your own

Use colors that fit with the render and the rest image...

WeLL guyz here is my final result:



I hope you liked...I know that it's not perfect but it can be perfect if you try ;)!!

Have fun!!

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Nice share babe!! this was my guide <,< xD <3 XD

LOL you said that u don't need me...But that's offtopic and i don't want to be offtopic in my thread xD..

So i will just say a big thx to all of u for the support ;)

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friend photoshop downloading??

Eh do u mean that you need links to download photoshop???If yes tell me here so i can pm you with the links ;)

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