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S80 Quest BUG, Help please.



hello i use the l2j pack at my server www.l2etf.ucoz.com and the quests for icarus weapon name Jude's Request not working, when i speak to npc it says "You are either not on a quest  that involves this NPC, or you don't meet this NPC's minimum quest requirements" and i would like if some1 knows tell me how can i add this quest  or make it working ?


Thnx in advance

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Uhm, it's been posted numerous times, and even exists on multiple tracs of different forks. Learn to search first. Besides, the quest isn't that hard to write out even if you had to do it on your own. All the information is available.


Even if you do get it from another source, you'll still have to be smart enough to modify it properly to work without the hellbound reputation requirements since most likely you don't have the reputation system for HB done up AND you'll need to figure out how you want to handle the lesser and greater evils (considering there's only a handful of servers, including mine that have proper retail stats, drops, spawns, etc on them).


Not only that, but then there's the matter of players accessing them which by normal means with your current pack they can't since the town instance isn't done on most public builds.



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