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Could someone make me a small gatekeepeR?

just like


Hunting Grounds (not so much)

Hunting Grounds II (around 3 zones)

Arenas Coliseum / gludin / giran


(i got all /loc locations x y z ready.)


please contact me if you could, would be awesome^^

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How lazy are you? There's tons of GK shares AND you can just steal from the built in admin teleport menu.

yeah nomz is 100% right, if u already have the cords, just download a GK, look how it is build and add /change it your locs etc

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Did i ask that? no, so please shut up ;-)

if you don't want, just say no. and it's done. i don't need your childish reactions


thats not childish reaction thats only a normal reaction for your question there are 223435896765432456788 shared gatekeeper and than just go ingame /loc and rewrite the coords...

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