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[Video] Leeroy Jenkins

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Hello folks, i found one very interesting and funny video.  ;D

Do you know the achievment Leeeeeeeeeeeeroy? Well,

i think that blizzard named it like this because of this funny

guy! You will understand if you see these videos






I searched but i didnt found one thread like

this one.


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hehe he was cooking chicken i think and he didnt

understand anything from the plan xD what a crazy guy :D



Look at 1:25 in the first video :D

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its a damn old one (from 2006 Blizzcon he was there, Blizzard invited him and also a lot of interview has been made with him, some guys at the festival event "Sound-a-like" tried to copy the sound of Leeroy Jenkins too :))



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hehe yeah! Hes one of the WoW icons :)


At hes own webpage you can buy Leeroy's stuffs :D It was a great hype with this guy, but he is an alltime famous :)



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