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[Guide]how to create Shinying text


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First you will need to open a new file you can name it what ever you want but for tutorial purposes enter this information.


Now your going to use your paint bucket tool and fill your banner with black.


Lets now go to our type type tool, and add some text. I used Airal font but you can use any font you like. For this banner you are going to want to set your font to 48 pt, and change the collar. I chose blue.


Ok, now lets add some layer effects. At the top of your photoshop go to Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options, and use these settings. You can add any other layer effects if you want.


Your banner should look like this now.


In your layers window create a new layer.


Now go to your brush tool, and choose a brush. I am using a 19px diameter brush for this tutorial.


To the left of your text draw a straight vertical line.


Lets add a couple effects to this line. At the top of your photoshop go to Layer/Layer Style/Outer Glow, and add this information.


Layer/Layer Style/Inner Glow, and add this information.


Now your line should look like a glowing light stick.


Ok, now we are getting to the fun part. At the top of your Photoshop go to Window/Animation, and open your animation tool. Once it is open click your duplicate frame icon.


Now that your duplicate frame has been created make sure that your line layer is active in your layer window. If your not sure left click on were it says Layer 1. It should now be highlighted, and active.


On the left side of your photoshop is a toolbar. Go to the top and select the move tool. Now with the right arrow on your keyboard move your line to the left of your text. So that it looks like this.


Now go back to the top of your Photoshop. And go to Layer/Create Clipping Mask and click it. The line layer has been changed, and there is no line in the main window.


In the animation window click on the tween icon.


In the new window put 20 frames, and this information. The more intermediate frames the smoother the effect will be. But it will also make your file size larger.


Now all you have to do is go to your animation tool select forever mode, and click play.


To save your animation. At the top of your Photoshop go to File/Save for Web & Devices. And when the new window opens just save it as gif format.


This is what your finished banner should look like.



Enjoy your animation.


Credits : ManiakMike &  winkdog

Moto : Simple is alway the best ...

So don't try to put shity fonts >.>

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OMG thx a lot mike...It was nothing but what i needed...Thx a lot br0...You made my day...

Keep sharing and pls make a guide about how u make ur sigs :D

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And here comes my creation...

Weights 18,5 kb and has dimensions 480x60,hosted from tinypiiiiiiiiiic..MasterDisaster~~>The GIF


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Btw thx for karma i donno who gived me but cuz of that a second tut have been posted :P

Karma Change Log

Who Whom What (+/-) For What Where When

DarkLess* (+1/-3) maniakmike (+2/-0) + Nice Guide Thanks

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yah but actulay u guys should add this kind of text on a signature or an avatar i just show u how it's basicly done :P

Actually u helped me understand how to make any part of my sig moving xD

Thx again br0 :D

This pic was just a first try to understand how to do it ;)

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i want to give me a information if you can...

when you move the layer into frame No2 you set the end of "lighting" and at no1 frame is the start?

i didn't know this photoshop tool with tween icon

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