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[Guide]Garena Colour Code ID

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•You need to register new id with this name to get coloured name in Garena warcraft games.

•Way to write ur nick in colours...

•Typing name with these colour codes will also work with Custom, Lan and B.Net games.


Note: You can't see your coloured name in Warcraft/Dota game but others do see and by the way, use it at your own risk.


e.g .|c00ff0000Red




Red is .|c00ff0000(your name)

Green is .c0000ff00(your name)

Blue is .|c000000ff(your name)

Yellow is .|c00ffff00(your name)

Magenta/Bright Purple is .|c00ff00ff(your name)

Deeper purple/violet is .|c00a400ff(your name)

Cyan is .|c0000ffff(your name)

Teal is .|c0000ffca(your name)

Black is .|c00000000(your name)

Medium grey is .|c007c7c7c(your name)

Goldish is .|c00ffbd00(your name)


Enjoy  it

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