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Get Many Giant's Codex{for GF} by Paul_Greatest

BFDR Geodata bugs by NasDaD*

[CastingSpeed-Bug]Gracia/Interlude/Kamel/hellbound by ™ZuZu

Multi-Class by Dariuse™

l2phx enchant video + photo for Interlude servers by ~Serk

Safe Enchant by ~xLunatiCx




Hidden Topics with 600 - 799 posts


New exploit with Gold Bars by NasDad*

Unlimited crystals maker ! by Raigon 

New Trade Bug 100% by Raigon           

Buy More Items by Raule

Admin Acc On l2 private server by TheEnd




Hidden Topics with 400 - 599 posts


Stuck buff on Gracia 3 + EPILOGUE by Erol [You need to  be VIP]

How to be invincible by djpliku ffs.png

L2-Vendetta BUG by MrAderson ffs.png

Dupe Stackable Items by Flavio

Bypass protection + unlimited status @ L2 Atlantis! by Raule

Faction servers farming bug by gerero

New hack for stuck subs! by ExTrEmEDwarf 

Make the server lag as hell! by magaki13

l2phx teleport script for CT2 client by ~Serk

how to make your own teleport script by ~Serk

Multiply Gold Bars by  Raule

"The Jumper" by  Raule

Full Guide,Video and script How to take easy castles by ~Serk

Other war to crash server by ~Serk

New trade bug! 100% working  by fakoykas

Safe enchant - Gracia2 / L2J by sln




Hidden Topics with 200 - 399 posts


Invisible w/o Phx by Koronzon1

Clone items by Etherial

Dupe with PILES.(col,cry,any other) by Paul_Greatest

Transfer banned things by Paul_Greatest

Be invulnerable by Beseventh

Get lot of certification skills on your sub (Gracia Final+Epilogue)by Erol [You need to  be VIP]

[PHX] Script Teleport [ Old @ Modded by mtixd ffs.png

99.9 Win in oly(interlude) by SoulRav3r

Send Message in GS With PHX by killer666 [

Status Bug by ™ZuZu

Funny Lag by ˚کe®κ

AutoLevel your Pet by panchio

Action Illegal[Jail]™ZuZu

Buy Everything from others l2mafia.gr] by ™ZuZu 

[Mini Guide]Enchant Items with accuracy by magaki13

L2FIX Protection is hacked! (L2 Evo & Atlantis) by DragonHunter

[New][Exploit][battle Force & Spell Force.] by Dariuse™

BruteForce 1.3 For All Clients! by NITROUS SYSTEM

Eternal Sin - Extra Physical Defense by Lain

Learn L2 Packet Hack by DragonHunter

Eternal Sin - Custom Weapons SA's by Lain 

Fast augment with l2phx --CT2.2 by vmv

Bugged spot by SoulRav3r

Ghost Hack by Raigon


Kamael-Hellbound fast enchant VIDEOS by SoulRav3r

How to stuck active auguments in Gracia by Raule

L2phx Res YourSelf and invisible script 4 IL + video by ~Serk

Hero skills on SUB CLASS! by SoulRav3r




Hidden Topics with 100 - 199 posts


Be dead and use skills , high rate recommended by ReVenGeR®

Get your Items From Jail ! by FizZz

Move augment on l2 extance with video by SoulRav3r

How to pass Kariks Mobs in l2mafia server 02 by Dariuse™

Augment script by~Serk




Hidden Topics with 50 - 99 posts


Get Many Giant's Codex{for GF} by Paul_Greatest

Name with Question Marks by CoŏŁΐŠ

infinite skill enchant (OFF) by iambored

Stop Spamming idiot by SoulRav3r

Pk Scanner by Raule

How to bypass the anti-phx protection + Guides by Raule

Create chars with same name by  Raule



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L2Mafia bugs by Finito

Attack speed trick by Finito

L2Off Interlude servers bugs by Finito

Disable GameGuard for IL/CT2.3 and Epiloge by Pantotinos

  Fast Cp Pots by mtixd

Auto Pots Clicker by magaki13

Change HDD Serial Number! by ExTrEmEDwarf

Get 255 recommends in 30 mins! Leeroy   

L2Control Pro v.4 [Gracia and Gracia Final Compatible] by ~SeeYa


You think your exploits are good?if yes pm me with the links!



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Try'n'Try fix the hyper link of:


[Full Guide,Video and script How to take easy castles by ~Serk]


Ty for the guide to find the best "hot" exploits easier ;D





-Hero skills on SUB CLASS!

-Stop Spamming idiot


Thanks for the support.

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