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Gm commands for L2 OFF.

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Here you go buddies

=========================================Normal commands========================================

//announce [message]

//critannounce [message]

making an announcement.


Enable some GM's options, in order to start 'GMing the server'.

//undying [on|off]



Heals targets hp/mp fully

//hide [on|off]


Register you in the GM list (/gmlist)

//gmspeed 1..5

Increase your speed (you can also use superhaste - ID 7029 lvl [1-4]

//gmchat name message

this just a simple way to tell a player somthing. like

//gmchat bob your in big trouble!

================================================== =================================================

===========================================INFO SERVER============================================ ==


Who's online.


up time, item on ground, players, NPC, protocol version


NPC's online spawned. Really useful when creating new areas with NPC's.


You get the online GM list with the BuilderLVL. Useful to trace illegal builders.


You get the players' number and NPC's in the area.

================================================== =================================================

============================================AUTO REFUSE============================================ =

//whisper [on|off]

so when whisper is off means no one can message you when

whispers on they can message you.





Autorefuses requests: /friendinvite ou /trade

================================================== ======================

============================PLAYER PARTY================================

//stopsay name time

Chatban //stopsay bob 50 (= thats 50 min)

//kick name

Shut out the player.

//char_stop [temps(min)]

//party_stop [temps(min)]


//debug name

Give info about the char in target.


You get the list and classid of the party members of you target.


check character buffs

//check_bot 1..3

1. OOG Walker

2. IG Walker

3. Superman

================================================== =================================================

============================================DEPLACE EMENTS============================================


//sendhome name

Recall player or party to town

//partytel [bookmark]

Teleport your party to the bookmark (//bk)

//teleportto name

This makes so you warp to the player.

//recall name

This just warps the player to you.

//teleport x y z

Teleport you if you give the good location (/loc), usefull with maccros.


Send your target in jail.

//camera [on|off]

Fly mode. Alt+h to add the chat windows while using this mode.


//bk [name]

Set bookmark del or tp to. //bk name create the bookmark.

//telbookmark [bookmarkname]

use //bk. teleport yourself.

================================================== =================================================


//summon [id|nom] quantity (Itemdata.txt)

Note: Builder lvl1, only GM's with builder 1 are allowed to summon items.

//summon name = npc (npc_pch.txt)

example //summon orc_archer (that would summon an orc archer

//summon orc_archer 5 would summon 5 orc archers of them...

Note: Only builder lvl 1 and 2 can summon NPC's.

//create_pet 1..11 [LVL]

1=wolf 2-4=hatchling 5-7=stryder 8=sin eater 9-11=baby

//dice [itemID] [number]

Throw the ID's object on the floor and desappear. [number] -> Time before desappearing (no way to pick up it anyway).

//summonnpc [iD|Name][Number]

Summons Npcs

//setai [Monster ID]

Gives a npc different AI

//spawn_npcs [Count][AI]


Kill your NPC target, no drop.


Your target rides a wyvern.

//ride 0-2

0=Normal 1=Strider 2=Wyvern

================================================== ================================================

=============================================NOBLE SSE==============================================



You become a hero, this cannot be used on a target. Just yourself.

//ns hero 0

//ns noblesse 0

Enable/disabled your target hero status.


Subclass relying on the ID class and subjob number [1-3] => not tested.

================================================== =================================================

=============================================CLASS SKILL=============================================

//setclass [ClassID]

To the target!


Target Learns all possible skills

//delskill [skill ID]

Deletes skill from target

//setskill [skill ID]

Gives skill to target. Skill de GM id de 6000 a 6006


Removes all skills from target

================================================== =================================================


//setquest [Quest ID][status]

Adds a Quest to target

//delquest [Quest ID]

Deletes a Quest from Target

================================================== =================================================

=================================================C LAN ALLY==========================================

//cease_fire [clan1] [clan2]

//cease_fire2 [ally1] [ally2]

Stop clan or ally wars. (Probably not avaible for low builders)

//disband [clan]

Delete clan

================================================== =================================================

==============================================EVEN T================================================







You get the NPC event list and their states, example: 7sign

================================================== =================================================










================================================== =================================================




You get the 7sign status (the second command -> gives you the ssq status in a window).

================================================== =================================================

===========================================MISC=== =================================================


Reload the client. Pretty interesting for Dev's and client modding.

//setkarma number

SELF use

//diet [on|off]

this makes so when diets on and your to heavy with to many items

you don't slow down.

//polymorph [Mob name/ID]

Transform into a monster, for best results don't equip a weapon

as the weapons usually take away the animation of the mob. No way to get back your appearance without relogging.

//earthquake [Time(s)] [intensity]

Try it lol.

//quiet [on|off]

makes the whole world so they can't talk great when your

pissed off

//setparam [param][number]






//setcomment [0..255] [/color]



Adds a comment to target. Another GM can see it , by pressing viewcomment.Useful for jails etc



Edited : Added colors, and some more commands.Maybe will categorise them by Builder levels as well

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//subjob list

//subjob change (class ID)

//subjob new (class ID)

//subjob delete (order index, where 0 is main, 1, 2 and 3 are subs)


For quests:

//setonetimequest [quest id] 0 or 1 for flags. 0 is not completed, 1 is completed.

Useful when setting subclasses or noblesse with a single command.

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Ok i have question how i can chose and add to myself agumentation? Im admin and i need command or smth?

lol just create item stone and go to NPC and agumentation your weapon done ;)
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  • Vision changed the title to Gm commands for L2 OFF.

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