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[Share]Easy Weapon Skillup!!!


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Thats not mine, I found it on the net.



Allright, Soo I tried going to DM and killing the Gordok Spirits but apparently that has been fixed. So on my way out... I found another way to train weapon skill up and you can AFK on it as long as you are 70+, this should work for you.


First Requirement: Crescent Key or Picklock, Engineering, BS...


What you need to do is head over to DM North.


Once inside, go down the ramp.


Kill Guard Mol'dar and he drops a key called Gordok Inner Door Key, pick it up.


Go up the other ramp and to the left.


You should be able to get into the courtyard. In the center loot Fengus's Chest for Gordok Courtyard Key.


You should see a big large door. Go through it. After going thru it and getting up top you should end up outside. (Please skip as many groups as you can that have a doomguard) <<< This is a major part in the skillup glitch.


After you get outside, head over to the middle and YES!!! KILL KING GORDOK!!!


Once that is done, his friend will turn green (Which is a good thing)


Now head back where u came from and look for a doomguard.


They are now glitched. You can attack them, (They Reset) You can kill them (They Reset). Autoattack works perfectly for me with sticky targeting.


Video Bellow! Enjoy!!!



DreaM: 1 More time that you ignore section rules you will be dekarmed, tags are to be implemented in every topic members create!

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well you know, pretty good way to lvl your weapon skills...



it says go to DM North...


why am I supposed to know what DM North means m8?


can't you say the WHOLE f*cking word?


(if you didn't write it, then it goes to the one that wrote it)

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