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C5 Skill 1.52 IG Walker


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Hi i got 1.52 IG L2 Walker and is working perfectly i can upload it too if u want but.. The server i am playing is c4 with c5 skills and when i try to find the c5 skills i see them as a white gap and some are missing like profecy of fire that is important.. How can i patch my walker to see them??

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i can share 1.46 ... it also works perfectly on c4off servers! just check it out, at least its working not like the tons of other bots u can download -.-




anyway i m interrested in a newer version. plz dont post stupit packages which u got from http://towalker.com and simply added a not working emulator ;)



do u have a working one?



post it like promised!

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Please, post again. The file is not found.

Please, use www.zshare.net to post. No wait, accept file managers, 60 day host without download. Very good file hosting.


Triple Posting ?

-1 Karma.

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