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Who is best mutant?

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On Low-Rates where they aren't any China Armors the best combo will be


GH + Pala.


You may ask why and i have an answer for you.

1) You can wear heavy because of the Pala skills. And a tallum would be perfect because of the atk speed bonus.

2) High P/M Def.

3) Angelic Icon

4)Dagger/Bow Mastery, PALA With BOW , ownage.. [although bow mastery aint a big level but it will do]


On high rates it depends of the custom armors.

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Destro/Paly seems over rated thou its a good combo, id probably take PR/Paly, good combo cuz u can pop UD while u have the furthest range from any char (xcept other archers, its the same liek 1000 range), and obviously high p and m def and hp.

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Lmfao, i dun get why u called it "mutant" besides, that blue chick is hawt (only wen she transforms bak to human with the antidote) u can see her tits nd shit, nd her ass is huge lmfao.

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