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Hello guys, i'll start wow soon and i want a server to test it.

I want a stable - populated - BALANCED !!1one - low rate (hard) server.

I want something like dex is on lineage :D .


Plix im newb so don't post a sh1ty high rate...I realy want a balanced (official like) server..

Coz if i like wow i will join official for sure.



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You might as well pick one of those




I know voting sites like hopzone or extremetop100 wow ...

But i can't find out wich server is balanced or wich is populated.

As i already posted im newb, totaly newbie...

Help me a little bit  ...

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@shass Since Java doesn't  have big success in creating Java WoW servers ppl can't make a good server . Mangos project is good but still it has nothing to do with retail also there are few other Emulators for the game and still they can't provide the normal WoW gameplay, imho if you want to start it just go on retail you'll pay, but at least you will play the real thing/

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