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C5 L2walker problems


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I have tryed to set up some walkers for some c5 servers,i will use such as exemple L2Defauld.On this server ,after u bypass the gameguard,u can use the walker,it doesn't atack mobs,do not move or fallow.I have tryed all 1.7x IG walkers. If enyone have the same promblem please post,maybe we can find a solution.

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C5 servers are java...

Walker is for official...


So, it is known that l2w sux for java servers :P Most of the functions don't work... You can't fix it :)


Some issues i found myself:


All pt settings aren't working

All heal settings for pt aren't working

Servitor settings are dead

Skills shots are dead

Auto detect buffs isn't working

GM settings ~> the same

Some script problems...


Just for the healing (if you have a healer) use the ~> Send pm xxx when hp is under 70% (example)

@ healer: When pm is: xxx Then run and heal XxX2


This will heal the target, but after that you won't follow him :P (if you use double click)

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