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  1. www.l2Nest.com opened on 10 DEC 100+ people 6x, visit the website and forum
  2. We have 100+ ON , community is growing day by day.Check this out www.L2Nest.com
  3. Community is growing day by day. Everybody is welcome!
  4. Server is [glow=green,2,300]UP[/glow] from 18GMT DEC 10 .
  5. L2Nest live [glow=green,2,300]www.L2Nest.com[/glow]
  6. XP/SP Rate 4x Drop Rate 4X Adena 4x Pet Xp 2x Quest drop rate 2X Party xp/sp 1,35 Spoil 3x Manor Drop rate 2x Sineater xp 1x Quest Reward 2X Raid Boss epic jewels 1 3 days more...
  7. Sever moved on stable Freya , 4 days till opening
  8. looks lol, to much movement make me crazy :) anyway gratz for the job
  9. If it's double post please delete. This Guide experts in Creating your servers databases,databases users,configuring Daedalus L2J Account Manager,in a way that your server is fully protected. This Guide is addressed for account managers,installed in a different server than the server your gameserver is running on,with your account manager configured properly,to be able to connect to your gameserver's loginserver database securely. This is a very important part about your server's security. First of all i suggest you to have seperate databases for loginserver and gameserver.
  10. i have seen this website some weeks ago i think on http://www.g1.ro/l2/ ppl useit for they website .gratz
  11. You will not understand because you are not a true Lineage II player.You are F1, F2 player And btw you can pvp from lvl 1 but sure you don't know this coz after killing 1 keltir u are 85 on your beloved servers
  12. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=186847.0 l2Nest is new opening with low rates server, l2infinity project (6 Devs) working for the server.Visit the forum for more info www.L2Nest.com