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interlude [Interlude L2J]LIN]E[AGE VORTEX


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Exp: 3000x

Sp: 2500x

Adena: 5500x

Party Exp/Sp: 1500x

Drop Items: 50x





* Dynasty Armor

* Epic Armor

* Titanium Armor

* L2Vortex Armor





* Dynasty Weapons

* Platinum Weapons

* L2Vortex Weapons

* Icarus Weapons

* Dedalus Weapons





*TVT Engine every 1 Hour,(under development yet)

* Friendly Staff ,

* Sieges 100% ,

* Weight Limit Increased ,

* Global GK ,

* Custom full buffer

* Raid Bosses events .

* Grade penalty OFF

* Full Gm Shop

* All skills work

* Clan hall System Work 100%

* Sieges work 100%

* Olympiad work 100%

* Noblesse work 100%

* Custom farming/Levelling spots

* Retail spawns locations for new players





* Scroll enchant rate -> 65%

* Max enchant -> +30

* safe enchant +13


Site: http://www.l2-vortex.net

Register: http://register.l2-vortex.net/

Forum: http://forum.l2-vortex.net



*KD4EVER*(Admin): kd4ever@l2-vortex.net

*JackIsBack*(2nd Admin): jackisback@l2-vortex.net

~Zeus(Head GM): zeus@l2-vortex.net

~Led(Event GM): led@l2-vortex.net


Now server on dedicated server.


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I joined today, and where the hell are the epic armors, Vortex armor, Icarus, Dedalus, Platinum, and Vortex weapons? I only see those ugly demonic weapons and 3 kinds of Dynasty weapons. Well this sucks...

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Looks good. But you should make automatic hero I mean if no1 is pacipiting in the same class you become hero after 1/2/4weeks xD


@EDIT!!!: Changed my mind. This server SUX. Every1 there speak greece no1 can even say a word in English. Also all they do is coming to MOS and PK you and then use /unstuck before guard kill him. With full "demons" set SH has 350 speed and 1650 casting. Server unbalanced there are only 2 classes which people play; SH and Necro.


I Don't recommend this server.

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