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How pvp servers are going to end up?

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Well... Hi all of ya :D


I was wondering...

I dont play kamael+ chronicles but i read their new features to know what is going on...

as i saw a friend of mine playing i checked on his buffs and skills...


Since interlude more resistances and defence buffs have been added :/

I see now for Gracia part 3 updates more mdef resist buffs and shield + might buffs (Overlord)

If this keeps up in pvp servers which has 50 slots for buffs and 9hours till they finish

everybody will have so much armor and resistances and in the end at 2-3 more chronicles

they will end up dealing 3 dmg to each other...


You know.. at official those buffs last 4-5 seconds but in pvp server 9hours...


What do you think about the future about pvp servers of l2?



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no am play mages in pvp is good sps wit hsolar flare(very good magic critic)

depends if u have good items like valakas , and if u got dyes + wit , in some server there's no jewel boss , so sps sux :)

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i dont like interlude at all.... for PvP for me Hellbound is better becouse not all ppl are necromancers and gladiators like in interlude. and there are a lot of good PvP server that are kamael+ . And to make a good PvP server you must not only to download a datapack and start it. there must be some brain to fix some skills and to balance a little the calsses and the lethals. it is not so easy to have a good server like all ppl think. so it isnt bugged from the chronicles, it is from the GM.... If you wanna a bugged server play on a mulltiskill CT2. and NCSoft make the game to be better for the original server. for there all that changes are great. that was my opinion.

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[*DeVx*][" post=416422" timestamp="1241843014]

Mages on ct1 ct2 and the final gracia sucks because of the many resists

I can tell you that this isnt so. Mages have big casting speed , M atack and cancel, silence and other shits that can kill a figher easyly. if you can play with mage you will know that. And on kamael+ the nucers (Sps,Sph,Ss) have more dmg then necros and more powerfull skills. Necromancers arent nucers and they never will. On Interlude necros were OP but now they are like all other characters

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agreed, on the server i play on, i roll as a mage and a archer. my archer got raped last night in 3 hits by a spellhowler.

i wear a +30 boss jewel set so it wasnt too fun :/

Sph-s are very stong they have big M.atack on gracia , sps-s and ss-s have a f*cking cancel and a lot of casting speed.

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