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[Help]What do you suggest me ?

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Hi guyz!


before a couple of weeks, i have started wow at a private server!

i wanted to see how the game was, and it was very cool  :P

i have created there a warlock ( 22lvl xD )

so here it goes , before 2 days me and my friend decided to start wow at official!

So we bought the game...my friend have already started and have created a hunter!

So i'm asking you for you opinion...

what char would you suggest me to create ??

I want to remind you that i'm still newbie at wow, i don't know much things, the only char that i have played is warlock

and i can say that it is quite cool char! 8)


so..what do you say ?  ;D

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My main is a warlock and it makes lvling up easy as hell if you're Demonology specced.

But me and a friend of mine lvled up some alts recently and it was a combination of

retribution paladin + Beast mastery hunter.

It was pretty easy xp too, because the hunter did massive damage, and I also did damage + healed, so we wouldn't die even if a pack of 10 mobs came ^^


But if you have hunter + warlock then you'll have 2 pets and 2 massive DPS, so I guess it's gonna be even easier! :P

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Well it depend where u started to play. On may realms is a lack of some professions, mostly warriors and healers. What profs are always spending the most of the time in LFG? Well rouges, hunters and locks. TBH if ur friend play as a hunter i suggest u healer or warr. First of all, u will have a half of party already done, and second thing, in wider perspective u will be always asked to join a group. I would recommend u Shammy or Drood, it's a lot of fun playing them and u can always play as dps. Other thing is that till 60 u can play shadow priest (nice dps) and be a healer in healing gear without respec.

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well ok... you can say that paladin is easier than druid right?

I mean retri pala has 5 skills total... holy pala has 5 skills total... prot pala has 6 skills total...


Druid has a million skills!!



Paladin is the easiest char for newbies imo... especially if they just stopped playing L2, because holy paladin looks pretty much like L2's Bishop xDD

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